Remove Players Love and Popular Worldwide Sort

The sorts “Players Love” and “Popular Worldwide” should be removed because they are just the same games on different categories. There is no point in having them if there is already a sort (popular) that shows the same games. Here is what I mean.

As you can see here, all of the most popular games are on these sorts. It’s like Roblox is just promoting the games that are already really popular. These also take spots on the front page, so less people will see the games that are less popular. I don’t know why these exist, just remove/replace them.


You live in the USA, so of course it’s the same for you.
The US has the most amount of players. Therefore, it affects the most popular.
If the most popular is affected by the US, and you live in the US, then you’ll get relatively the same results.

Popular near you is near you, so what you get is not what others will get.

If you lived in a different country you’d get different results.

That’s why it exists.

Also… there’s already a report for this.

Go bump that one.

Devil’s Advocate: Since most players already live in the US, and since they’re adding a new sort that’s personalized, that would be a valid reason to remove it.
And just because you live in that area doesn’t mean you’d like that game.

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To me, popular worldwide sounds like “the most popular games in the world”, so I thought it was just the same thing as popular.


Maybe the solution here is just to not show these sorts to US players while US continues to be the lion share of Roblox players.

Or this: Only let games appear in one spot on front page