Require users complete @discobot tutorials before being promoted

Hello everyone,

Recently, I’ve noticed an uptick in off topic posts in #forum-feedback and #development-discussion about simple topics that are gone over in the @discobot tutorial. These users unsurprisingly haven’t completed the tutorials. Below is just one of the many examples:

The answer to this question would be solved if the user did the @discobot tutorial!

Again, this is just one of these off topic posts. Luckily, DET usually can get to the posts quickly, but often they do not. There is not a reason this shouldn’t be a thing. It’s suggested you do this anyway, yet some people just outright ignore it. If the badges Licensed and Certified become required, not just will we provide off topic posts, we will have a higher quality forum, as @discobot gives suggestions that might even help clear #development-discussion a bit.

If you have anything to add, please let me know.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


This cannot be achieved by adding a setting. You’ll need to create a suggestion through as it’s a feature rather than a setting.

Not true. It can be done by a simple plugin. Please check your facts before you reply. :slight_smile:


Thats me in the first picture… Well thanks for the feedback I guess, I will look for that!


If such a thing like that were to be implemented, you would have to add clear notice to the membership notice that you have to do the discobot to avoid confusion in such


If that’s the case, it should’ve been stated in the post. Please link me to the plugin.

Plugins can be made custom by engineers.

In fact, the DevForum have a Discourse plugin developer.
Some plugins have already been developed and installed to improve the DevForum.


I’d suggest to take a look at this topic:

The key takeaway is that discobot is not supposed to be used in a forcible way. It’s meant to be used in a way to teach users in an optional format some features so they are understanding what to do. If DET were to make this forced, it defeats the whole purpose. Discobot may not be the best way to get this across.

DET may be able to create a plugin which is a “welcome” event. They can make it obvious that if you are new, you’ll need to take steps to receive access to the main features.

@dollychun I know about that, how else would they have added the roblox profile link? It’s completely possible toa dd a plugin, but discobot is not the best option as mentioned earlier.

Again, it’s as simple as requiring a badge to get promoted. There is no need to suggest is to discourse meta, as they will just tell me to develop the plugin myself. Please read the above replies. :slight_smile:

I’m going to bring @incapaz into this conversation. I’m sure he can explain it better than I can.

I agree that you should have to do a tutorial to understand the basics to some extent before even getting promoted.

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I’m not saying in any way to suggest this to discourse. I’m saying that changing discobot’s functionality defeats the whole purpose of it.

Secondly, I own a discourse forum. I know how this all of this works, I’m just showing you a post that’s related to what you are trying to say and bringing in my own stance on it.

This isn’t about changing the functionality of discobot. This is about requiring the badge that is awarded by discobot. The post you linked from discourse meta is not relevant, again, discobot works fine, but we are trying to require a badge to get the promotion to TL1.

I’m not going to continue arguing here as it’s getting off topic, feel free to send me a DM.

Okay, so this is my question: How is this going to change anything? Sure, you are learning the basics of discourse through tutorials, but people are just going to complete it to receive access to post. The current setup works just fine as people are needing to read through posts, like, etc. Also, if you add these two ideas (the current requirement + discobot tutorial) it’s just repetition, reading, liking, etc.

I’m not asking the old promotion method be removed. I’m asking this be added onto it so when they finally can post, they know how to correctly format posts, so we don’t have them post off topic.

I understand, but I feel the tutorial isn’t enough. PSA topics have helped out such as one in #collaboration with the quality of posts. I just think that your idea isn’t feasible with the current stance of the forum, that’s just my thought.

However, it is not a requirement of the forum to read the PSA topics. If it was made a requirement of the forum to do the tutorial, there would not be a way to bypass it, and my hope would be to have these members already know how to post correctly before they can post. By the time they can post, they will know how to make posts, and not misuse categories such as #development-discussion and #forum-feedback.

While it might be worth a shot, anyone could just reply to the bot with “skip” ten times in a row. Requiring the badge might not do much good.

@WooleyWool: They already have a plugin to require badges for tl2 promotions, so it likely would not be very hard to adapt for tl1 promotions.


I don’t really think so.
Plus @discobot hasn’t worked for me at all.
It could be useful, possibly. I don’t really think it would change anything at all.

True, however this is the case with anything that is required to join this forum. You could easily set up a way to read all the posts without actually reading them. This solution is the closest thing we can get.