ResampleMode for Materials and Textures

As a Roblox developer, it is currently cumbersome to make pixel art and low-fidelity style games. Recently, ImageObjects such as ImageLabels and ImageButtons recieved the new property to set their resample mode to pixelated. Right now, the only way to have a similar effect on textures and materials is to upscale the pixel art up to 1024x1024 to get sharp edges. However, these are still not sharp when you zoom in on them, and they also take up much more memory.

For example, minecraft blocks use 16x16 textures. To get a similar effect in Roblox with as close as possible results, you would have to make them 1024x1024, using up to 4096x more data (not taking into account compression). This adds up very fast for pixel art games, reducing the performance and increasing load times.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve our development experience for pixel art and low fidelity games, as well as increase their performance on all platforms, reduce load times, and reduce data footprint and networking strain on Roblox.


If image labels and image buttons have it, I don’t understand why decals/textures don’t have such an option. This would really help with pixelarts and other low-resolution stuff as you mentioned.
Having resampling in general would be really helpful for games relying on pixel arts (we could also have 2x2 checker textures or other extremely small repetitive patterns that dont require much resolution to replicate)


Huge support. Memory is a huge limitation for Roblox in general. This has been a highly requested feature for years.

People are currently using work arounds that significantly impact memory, like adding hundreds of extra faces and using unnecessarily large textures like preacher_online mentioned.

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 3.38.03 PM
What a waste!

Different texture sampling modes would allow for games that are very memory efficient, new game aesthetics, and easier modeling (using softwares like block bench).


List of all the classes I could think of that need the ResampleMode property:

  • Decal
  • Texture
  • MaterialVariant
  • Shirt*, Pants*, ShirtGraphic*
  • SurfaceAppearance
  • MeshPart
  • SpecialMesh*
  • CharacterMesh
  • Tool, HopperBin, and Flag (for the icon in your inventory)
  • VideoFrame
  • TextLabel and TextButton (if we get the option to set custom resolutions for them)
  • ParticleEmitter
  • Beam
  • Trail

*For avatar items, ResampleMode would either be set when uploading or in the avatar editor. Custom UV mapping for shirts and pants would be nice too.

(edited because I mistook MeshParts for SpecialMesh)


Considering there are so many instances in need of this, I wonder if it would be a good idea to add a dedicated image instance which consolidates all the image related properties into one (ResampleMode, ImageColor, ImageAssetId etc), that could then be used by other instances as a replacement for an image id.

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HopperBin and Flag instances are both deprecated and have been for a while, they won’t get any updates.


we also need an option to disable image compression on all the classes i listed, especially since images are sometimes compressed for no reason.

(left = imagelabel, right = decal)

here are 2 images i made. one is 16x16 and the other is 64x64, and they both use very few colors. theres no need to compress them at all, yet i have to use imagelabels (which dont wrap onto shapes) to fix the very bad compression.

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