Return UGC sales data API for public use (2: Electric Boogaloo)

Literally just a remake of my OLD POST ON THIS because ROBLOX DID IT AGAIN FOR SOME REASON even after major backlash from UGC the first time they did it.

Virtually all UGC creators use @KingOfHungry’s UGC Tracker, a crucial tool Roblox has not provided us (BTW, Jake, thanks for all your hard work for us). There is nothing else like it. However, recently changes were made to the API that prevents it from returning sales data, which has completely broken UGC Tracker and massively screwed over UGC creators (AGAIN AGAIN). THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED. It is widely unpopular.

The “alternative” barely offers as much information- Roblox allows us to check analytics from the Create page, however it only provides them for the top 200 items (not all of them) and doesn’t offer nearly as much info as UGC Tracker provided. Not to mention the page frequently breaks, it can’t be searched by name, does not have an “all time” option, and it’s highly unreliable. How am I supposed to pay my collaborators like this?

UGC creators are incredibly tired of Roblox making our jobs infinitely harder, and this has ruined my and many others’ workflows. We ask that you return the UGC sales APIs to the way they were, so that we may have the data we once did and our workflows may resume normally.

I suggest maybe a OAuth API to give applications access to view your analytics data, as the sales data being completely publicly available could lead to abuse. A OAuth API could also open up opportunities for more creator integrated 3rd-party applications.

For example, an application could access the analytics graphs for UGC sales and display it in many different forms, or a application could show a timeline of sales over a certain period of time.