Revelted's Portfolio


Hi ! I’m Revelted and I’m a builder in learning :open_mouth:

a tiny bit about me:

  • I despise unions with a passion - I build without them

  • I have a tendency of complaining if my build isn’t perfect (Sorry folks)

  • I work to please the audience, not myself, so when I get compliments, it really makes my day :slight_smile:

I’m just going to put my portfolio out there for my current builds, and hope that I can find a dev team that excepts my skill level :stuck_out_tongue:
I have so many ideas and so little ways to show them, my limit is building, so I need to rely on a coder for most projects! But enough about that - here are some of my builds!



Basically - to put it in all honesty - I’m not for hire :F

(So Rev, why did you make a portfolio!?!?)

I’m looking for a small team to join :o I do not build for robux, I just want to create games for people to enjoy.

HMU on
Discord : Seathor#4779
Twitter: @Zwelfium
ROBLOX: Revelted

Thanks for reading!


(I really like those, very nice!)

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Very nice

Extremely detailed

thanks for the compliment :smiley:

Great builder. :wink: