Right to Left Text Support - Phase 2

Sorry for disturbing you, but I still encounter this issue.


Did you fork the legacy chat? Is it possible to provide a repro file so that we can take a look. Thank you


I think this update broke something about text size.


Hi @MCWither_Storm , is it possible for you to provide us with a repro file? We will investigate the issue shortly. Thank you


I want to mention, that I used workaround #2 that you’ve provided. RTL is enabled in this repro and this bug still occurs. Chat tag script is in ServerScriptService.

LegacyChatRTLTagBug.rbxl (177.5 KB)


I have nothing to say other than the fact that this is a great update, I was wanting to add some Arabic and Hebrew text in my game

also I wonder when there will be Full Support for Arabic and Hebrew


Thank you! We will create an internal ticket and investigate soon.


As an Arabic Translator, I’m pleased to see that Arabic has been supported.

Ever since RTL support was established, I’ve quite noticed that Arabic-speaking Players started to leave positive feedback/review on games that I’ve translated!

Keep it going as always!


Actually suspecting another flag FFlag::FixRichTextUpdateFont2 could be causing this issue which is not necessarily related to RTL. We will take a closer look shortly.


For multiple days in a row, players of my game Word Bomb on Mac have been complaining that the input box types in reverse (right-to-left). I have disabled RTL support in StarterGui, and this still happens. There is nothing I can do about this and it is extremely unfortunate that this makes the game almost completely unplayable on Mac. I am not sure if all Macs are affected, but there have been no Desktops reporting this problem.

I was able to test it on Mac and not only is this problem I described occurring, but somehow it’s also frequently crashing the game. :confused:

I’d also like to mention two other TextBox related bugs that have plagued my game since the beginning of time and have been ignored for years on end.

TextBoxes are an absolute nightmare to deal with on Roblox and with every change to it, it only becomes messier. It is quite an upsetting feeling knowing there is no way for me to properly fix this. I am so through with this.


Please don’t leave this bug introduced by this update in the game.

I have wanted to update Word Bomb for years on end but the major problem has always been TextBoxes. First, I’ve had to create a terribly stupid custom keyboard for mobile devices that isn’t very great to interact with - just so that the keyboard doesn’t completely glitch out during gameplay. iPad still has less than optimal input support - because it has no floating keyboard - because I’m not going to reinvent the wheel when I can patiently wait for a TextBox fix which I honestly feel is never coming. I’ve played my game on Chromebook before, and in a surprising turn of events, not only did the TextBox not work, but it also was able to crash the game. I suspect the crashing on Chromebook is why the game has now been sandboxed into a weird mobile version? How does this even happen?? Now the game doesn’t even function on one of the two only major platforms which had no problems - Mac.

If you are wondering why I must allow certain platforms to get crashes or have a weird, janky input system, it’s because you CANNOT detect what platform a user is playing on, which is absolutely imperative when you’re using technology that works COMPLETELY differently on EVERY. SINGLE. PLATFORM. Any change I make to the hacky formula happening behind the scenes completely affects iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows differently.

I don’t find it unbelievable that the future of my game is only getting worse. And I don’t mind if you don’t care. But I am trying my hardest to provide a good product and I simply cannot do it.

If you can sense the absolute desperation in this post, it is because it is full of it. You are talking to a five-year TextBox sufferer world champion and I am not going to create a custom input solution, when it would just seriously degrade the experience of Windows which is the last remaining survivor of the TextBox fallout.


Hi @inlikewithyou , we are sorry to see the frustrating issues happening in your experience. Could you please provide us with some reproduce files like rbxm or rbxl files so we can take a look at quickly? Thank you

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@inlikewithyou meanwhile, if it still happens without enable RTL, it might be related to something else, please don’t hesitate to report the problem in the But Report section on DevForum.

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According to this page on how to submit a But Report

There should be a button next to the New Topic button on the homepage to submit a bug report.

It doesn’t exist for me, and I cannot create a new topic within the page either.

If you have any more help on submitting bug reports, that would be appreciated.

Also would like to let you know that the bug that was causing problems on Mac has been fixed and I greatly, greatly appreciate whoever fixed it. :pray: :pray:

However, I do wish to see and can only hope for much more improvements to input in the future


Hi @inlikewithyou , glad that the issue is not happening again! Just to be cautious, could you still share the repro files if possible? We want to conduct some testing to ensure that future releases won’t cause any further disruptions. Thank you.


This file can reproduce the input bug on Mac that caused input to type in reverse, and had the potential to crash the game.

input-test.rbxl (49.9 KB)

Again, if you could give any help so that I can make a report in the Bug Reports section, that would be massively appreciated


You must privately message @Bug-Support and wait for post approval.


Unfortunately, we have had a slight delay on our rollout of the feature. We will continue to keep you updated and hope to share an update soon. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Please note that the known issue will be fixed for the not forked legacy chat by the time we officially release RTL. In the meanwhile, we have two additional updates for workarounds:

In Workaround#2,
We have provided a newer version of the chat modules, available here:

FixedLegacyChatModules.rbxm (129.3 KB)

In Workaround#3,
Remember to sanitize the chat messages when RichText is on. This is required because RichText chat must be filtered beforehand or the chat might be exploited. This can be done by applying this function to the messages received from users.

function SanitizeForRichText(str)
	return string.gsub(str, "%p", {
		["<"] = "&lt;",
		[">"] = "&gt;",
		["&"] = "&amp;",

We are excited to share that the default value for RtlTextSupport in StarterGui is now set to Enabled. If you encounter any related issues, please create a Bug report. Thank you for your patience and support throughout this process!


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