Ro-Tube, The Roblox Youtube [TRY]

Heres my discord, friend me and we can talk later in the future. Dark_hallowX#9982

concept go brr
I was trying to make something like this lol

Good job!

Just a quick heads up for the mobile users, this game will never be on mobile until Roblox fixes videos in general. The video itself doesn’t lag but the sound is disturbing and choppy.

Sounds great, but this teleporting screen is just destroying the whole thing. Maybe make a custom teleportation screen that will say something like “Loading”?

Also, the Chat button is useless. The same applies to the three dots button. There’s no need for a leaderboard and emotes to exist.

By the way, have you disabled the ability to enable shift lock, change the camera mode and movement method?

Cool project! How did you get videos into studio? :exploding_head:

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Hello, sorry for the late reply! For now I have not, soon I’ll add everything needed like you mentioned.

It’s still just a “Template”. Everything will be changed when it’s Alpha. Like search bar, uploading videos and etc.

This sounds like a new and good concept to me. But it has a major issue here.

You see, the video sharing platform, Youtube, uses a lot of complex of algorithms to run, check and organize the videos that are being uploaded constantly. Youtube constantly receives on average of 800 videos per minute, so this is on time update right there.

Also, if you intend to add some of the features, for example, views, likes and dislikes, subscribe, you know similar things that turns you into a big hit among a community.

Also, I would say that it is kinda worth continuing to make it, because on my opinion, its a new concept.

Ah, thank you! The uploading videos feature is still being considered and won’t be coming anytime soon. The like and dislike will be added eventually, views possible but I’m not sure about subscribing, Would it be worth adding it? There won’t be notifications or anything and the most it being used for is showing off. And another thing about uploading videos You would have to be 13+ , moderation would be kind of a pain (when roblox adds the uploading videos feature, moderation is going to be annoying, and again a PAIN.


Most probably the notifications can be shown in a notification tab at the main page. If you are thinking of subscriptions to channels, you must allow a user to create a channel and moderate the name. Then you must build a system to count the subscribers count and also have a subscription tab on the main page as well. But you would not need subscription to channels if players cannot upload videos right…?

Edit: You might need to use http service to carry out these tasks. I am not sure

That’s alright, but one of the main things that you got to consider, is the fact that you’re going to be dealing with countless videos being published to Ro-Tube, so you need a big team, I suggest to make this actually happen.

If I break it down, some people will monitor the channel’s wrong doings, which of course breaks the ToS, a few teammates to do the algorithm thingy to take care of the uploads, because to be exact, who knows this concept is gonna blow in a huge number, in the future…

A notification tab would be nice, yeah. Creating a channel will be 13+ of course. The channel name would be the player’s name for a lot of reasons; like copying, inappropriate channel names and so on and so forth. I’m very much not experienced with http services. I’m not sure how uploading would work, people would easily copy videos so I was thinking they could DM a “team mamber” as @ViroGatYT suggested a Team .

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One thing about The Team is payment. How would the game actually earn anything? I was thinking you would need to; Be 13+, have discord, have an original video (or a video that hasnt been uploaded) and of course the gamepass or developer product, maybe it would cost a certain amount to upload a video, not sure…?

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Ehhh, but I do not think you can find the actual age of the player. So you might not be able to check if the player is <13

I’ve seen countless games check if the user is <13 or 13+. So let’s say a GUI can only be viewed if your account is 13+.

Can you please give me some examples? Cause I have not heard of any games checking if the player is under 13. Unless uploading videos and creating the channel is all done in discord

I’d also need a team of developers for all this, because this is quite a big project and I’m no professional scripter.

Well, this game is deleted but there was a VC game that somehow checked if the player is <13 or 13+. If the account was <13 then they would get automatically kicked.

The uploading videos will be implemented when Roblox adds Ratings as said in RDC.

I’m hoping if they do add them, only accounts that are 13+ would be able to play it in general.