Roblox 2021: The Accelerator Program

That’s a great way to look at it!

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imagine having a bunch of weirdos that are under 13 showing up

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@RoughSphereBlox should we receive some confirmation email that the application was submitted successfully? How can we confirm that everything is alright?

You’ll hear back by June 18, stay tuned!


Oh yeaahhh baby :wink: less goo!! Thanks for the info…

Hey What do i need to do to join the program?

More Then Happy To Do That And is there a chance i can join if im almost 16? i mean on August ill be 16


You need to be 18 in order to join the program.

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Don’t want to be a nuisance but any updates here?

Yeah any news on this? Been holding off on some updates to save them for the program if we get accepted.


So it’s almost the 28th and we haven’t heard back. Have candidates been selected yet? Haven’t gotten an approval nor a denial yet.


Is the accelerator plan going to close fast, or will it be open for a while? Because it sounds cool but I am totally not old enough yet.

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hey its now july has anything happened?

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Hm yeah UGC imagination challenge started


To everyone waiting on a response for Fall: sorry for the delay! I’m working on getting communication out to everyone by this Friday.


Awesome, thanks for letting us know!

Alright, today is Friday. Trying not to get my hopes up too high


This is obviously a question for the next batch of accelerators, but does your game have to be already in development or can it be just merely an idea that you wish to create.

Both are fine as long as your game idea is original and you believe that you would be able to complete the goals set on the project within the 3 months that the program gives you.

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sigh, I guess I have to wait till 2025 to apply for the accelerator program :pensive:

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