Roblox Animation Editor IK issue

Hey I’ve been having some issues with the roblox animation editor, IK just seems to break.


Screen capture - c8b35318e8fb97c82103c779c7429b51 - Gyazo

I can’t seem to animate more than 2 keyframes, otherwise it goes back to the previous one. I’ve tried restarting studio and animating in different baseplates.


this bug has been reported multiple times.

Has a fix been found for this?

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well, i mean, just search it up on the forum that’s what you should do first

I have, I can’t find anything related to this at all. The only things that I can find are how to turn on IK, old IK bugs, and animation help with nothing related to this.

It might just be me, but I can’t find anyone else reporting this or any fixes of it

That’s a different problem, studio doesn’t crash, I can still animate, BUT it just goes back to the previous keyframe so I can only animate 2 keyframes


oh, i see… well. no one has reported it.
DM it to @Bug-Support following How to post a Bug Report

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Also having this issue for a while now.

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Still having this issue, thought it’d be fixed by now. Anyone have a solution?

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uhmm they still didn’t fix em til now

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im still having the issue, cant animate using IK or it just goes back to the previous keyframes

I’m having this issue too, new keyframes overwriting older ones. It wasn’t earlier today, then I started a new animation and it’s overwriting older keyframes again.