Roblox Animation Editor | Importing by Animation ID pasting from clipboard Issue

Bug Description

When I try to import an animation ID by using the Roblox Animation Editor’s Import from Roblox feature, I cannot paste any text or numbers into the “Import by animation ID?” field in the import window’s lower right corner. As you will see in the following video, I have an ID copied to my clipboard, but I cannot paste it into the field. However, it does allow me to type numbers and characters into it. This is inconsistent behavior and forces me to memorize entire animation IDs if I want to import them.

Video Evidence

As seen in the video, my clipboard gets cleared after attempting to paste the animation ID.

Reproduction Steps

To reproduce, Open the Default Roblox Animation Editor Plugin and go to “Import From Roblox” and attempt to paste an Animation ID from your clipboard using either Ctrl+V or Right Mouse > Paste. Neither option works.

Other Info

This bug happens 100% of the time, and my Studio is using the latest version.

I never attempted to use this feature until a few weeks ago, and this bug has happened every time since then.


Have you tried restarting your computer? Or maybe restart Roblox Studio? If you have then I don’t think there is any other solution then to type it in manually.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we are aware of the issue. It is due to the animation editor clearing the clipboard upon opening. Unfortunately, this is the result of rather limited access to the application clipboard that plugins have in studio, as well as not having an official way to hook into paste events. This seems to be a growing problem for our users though, as this is not the first report. I’ll work on seeing if we can improve plugin capabilities for this in the future, in the meantime I am considering changing the key binding if this becomes too large of a problem.

Recommended workaround for now is to copy the animation id from an external source/text editor after the animation editor has opened.


I know this is an older thread, but I have a bit more info as well as some help on the matter that may help others looking for the same problem.

If you’re running windows, you can view all previous clipboard entries by pressing Win+V and manually select a previous copy to paste instead, with the most recent at the top.
By default, Ctrl+V or Right Click+Paste will make Windows attempt to paste the topmost entry on the clipboard, matching usual expected behavior.

There’s an exception to this rule: Selecting one of those previous entries manually will instead cause all future paste operations to use the most recently selected entry.

As for the bug, copying an AssetID from Studio will in fact copy the asset to the clipboard but also copy a blank/null entry to the clipboard right after, giving you this for example:

This seems to mostly happen if using the “copy AssetID” button that appears when you successfully export something to Roblox. So, if you need to paste that AssetID to several places, you only need to manually select it once as explained above, then you can Ctrl+V it to any other future locations.

As Windows pastes the topmost entry whenever you press Ctrl+V, it will paste the blank entry there, causing it to appear to fail. However, your copied AssetID is still technically there, but there’s just an extra step to access and paste it properly.

You can also press the three dotted lines next to each entry to have the option to delete the entry. As for the exception, Ctrl+V will instead paste the last manually selected entry regardless of what is at the top until the next time you copy something. So if you need to paste that AssetID to several places, you only need to manually select it once, then you can Ctrl+V it to any other future locations.

Do note that just deleting the blank entry will not automatically set the “active” paste to the new top entry, as Windows is still trying to paste something that no longer exists. You have to manually select a clipboard entry at least once in order to have future Ctrl+V presses paste the most recent one.

For the Studio developer staff, I hope this gives a bit more insight into a potential fix.

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Is this still on the roadmap of animation editor issues, and can developers expect a fix? The animation editor is constantly overwriting the clipboard and it is very disruptive to my workflow.

I understand it is a workaround for a plugin issue not exclusive to the animation editor, but if a built-in plugin is disrupting Studio workflow that issue shouldn’t linger on for years.


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