Roblox Blur Issue

Hello developers,

I own a cafe and soon opening, I have a Thumbnail but comes out blurly once I post it here are the two pictures


and here is the one with the blur once I up load it.


any Idea on how I can fix this, if so please say so. I’ve been trying to fix it but I don’t know why I’ve re uploaded it but nothing changes.


That’s probably because the thumbnail image you’re uploading is smaller than the default resolution of Roblox thumbnails. It’s upscaling the image to the proper resolution, and that’s what’s making it blurry. If you’re able, try remaking the thumbnail with a higher-resolution render.

It’s made by 1920x1080 How am I suppose to do that?

I think Roblox only allows low quality pictures on their websites. I’m also looking for this issue myself but can’t find any proper reason. Whatever I do it’s blurry. If I found out the solution I’ll tell you.

When I download the image, it displays at a resolution of 400x225.

I doubt that, I’ve seen game with really high quality. not once but multiple.

Your resolution is incorrect, the Roblox Thumbnail size needs to be 1280x720.

It blurs because it is the incorrect size.

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If we resize the image will it not blur? and how would it look on the game POV.?

Wait but isn’t the thumbnail size 1920x1080?

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I’m not sure what the ROBLOX must size be, that’s why I’m asking …

But wait… If Roblox scale’s it up than wouldn’t it be box blur instead of Gaussian blur?

You can upload multiple pieces at a resolution of 1024x1024 then place them side-by-side. If an uploaded image is larger than 1024 in any dimension it gets scaled down.
@Tomarty said this here:

1024x1024 is a square.

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Yeah, but If you cut them into 1024 dimensions and place them side by side, than it’ll look less blurry.

Right, but you have to understand I want this for a Cafe we have worked really hard on the game just for a squared thumbnail.???

Resizing the image is what causes the blur.

Scaling the image to the size you want would mess up the pixels, the image you posted on the post is 400x225 which is why Roblox is scaling it to 1280x720, which is causing the blur issue you’re facing.

You’d need to make your thumbnail 1280x720

I don’t think it’s 400x225 It clearly said 1920x1080

Just really confused.

Here’s more context to what I’m talking about

Your image is not 1920x1080.

Just look at this pictures you may understand a little bit:
When you upload it may look blurry, but cutting them and placing them side by side will look less blurry.


I’ll find another good solution for you if I could.