Roblox clothing viewer

This plugin will allow you to preview your shirts/pants before uploading it to robux. This plugin isnt that expensive and costs a mere 1$. Any constructive criticism is appreciated


Can’t I just view my clothes by putting them onto a dummy rig or am I mistaken

Yea, just put a shirt in the dummy and put the image of the shirt and you see it before need to publish

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Why would I pay for 1$ when I can do it myself for free
Just find a better subject to make a plugin on (No offense)

Because you will need to upload it to roblox, and this plugin directly grabs it from your computer

Because it makes it a ton easier, uploading the image to roblox copying the id inserting the rig and putting the clothes etc etc, and the best part is, it dosent upload it to roblox, but directly grabs it from the computer, I made it 1$ because im pretty broke and on a money shortage rn. But if you dont like it, dont buy it.

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You can do it for free. Just put your shirt or pants onto a dummy rig, it’s that easy lol.

You are not that wrong though.
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But there’s not already free plugins that can do that?

Link me those,

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Plugin: Local File Importer (Import Images from your Computer!) - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

That exists but its not exactly for clothing. Yes you can upload an image and make it into a clothing using this plugin but this puts it in a widget without you having to set it up in workspace which is cleaner

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Best plugin on the market, 10/10.

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Well in that case I would just suggest uploading a plugin on something else like UI Packs, Or go on Talent Hub (And yes this post was posted when talent hub was in Beta. Check the talent hub website here). Or try something else out, since this plugin won’t make profit. If you are willing to spend time on this as a side project. Try Making an Admin Panel since there is still demand for an extremely perfect Admin Panel. If you don’t know what that is, It is something like HD Admin. You can also check out the admin panel I am working on here. (If you want)

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