Roblox Community Rules Update


Hey Developers,

We are writing to provide a friendly reminder that you cannot buy or sell Roblox games or Groups. This is against our Terms of Use and Community Rules. Roblox prohibits this because, among other reasons, we cannot guarantee or uphold the legitimacy of any exchange done outside the bounds of official channels. The safety of our developers is important to us, and we want to help you avoid such risks of illegitimate exchanges.

If you want to transfer ownership of your Group, outside of a purchase or sale, you may only use the Group Ownership Transfer feature on Roblox specified for this purpose.

For more information, please review our Terms of Use and Community Rules.

Developer Relations Team


Does this mean we cannot buy maps or hire people to work on our games vice versa? (As you cannot guarantee or uphold legitimacy of these either)


Are we likely to ever receive official functionality for selling a game space? I could see that being useful as devs leave and want to make some cash quick cash, and for players who don’t see their favourite game die.

I am also aware of the ENORMOUS complications, but I think this would be useful to at least be able to buy the game space


I’m confused about ‘cannot buy or sell Roblox games’.

Does that involve real money or robux?
Game transferring is not possible anymore?
We can sell assets, such as maps, right?

If that’s so, it’ll probably upset a number of developers, I think. :thinking:


@RBXKyle No, this is just one of the reasons why they can’t allow selling groups/games. It doesn’t mean they don’t allow any sort of transaction where that particular argument holds.

@Operatik You cannot sell whole groups or whole game spaces (i.e. buying an account or group with a game on it) for neither virtual nor real currencies. You can sell assets and maps just fine.

Remember to employ common sense when interpreting announcement threads – Roblox wouldn’t stop developers from taking/offering commissions or hiring others to do development work.


Finally! I’ve seen people doing it even in the Dev Forum and it is very immature and upsetting. Thank you Roblox for putting out this statement.


This is a good clarification.

I can’t even think of a use case where you would ever buy a whole game.
It would be far cheaper to just make your own clone (if you have any scripting skill whatsoever), or hire a scripter.

Plus, why would someone sell their game if it was good? You can only ever get bad games this way…
Finally, even if you bought a good game, you would need to spend more to advertise it, and also possibly to add monitization to the game by hiring a scripter.


Uhhh so I’ve sold old maps/new commission maps, and old outdated games I no longer have time to focus on… will I and those rbxdev members be banned or something? Is this some sort of new rule?




Would be better than just “you cannot buy or sell that”


So you cant sell someone a working game?


I don’t know what you mean by that. You can sell assets, not game spaces. Read my post again to see the difference.


It just feels to me that assets and games are pretty much the same thing? I don’t mean this to be rude or anything, so please don’t take it that way- I’m just clarifying a few things.

Say if I sold all of the maps and programming work for my game, and any other assets in the game, I’d be selling the entire game- but technically I’d be only selling assets. Where is the line drawn? It’s just a little confusing if that makes sense.

The only reason I bring this up is because the original post isn’t specific to game spaces, it identifies Roblox games and groups as separate things which (with selling a Roblox group being the only way to sell a game space), says to me that selling game assets is prohibited too- which brings me back to my original statement.

Thanks :slight_smile:


A game (space) contains game assets. You can buy/sell game assets, you can’t buy/sell games (= game spaces).

This is a game or a game space:

  • Your game located at, the game with ID “XYZ”

These are game assets:

  • Geometry
  • Scripts
  • Art

I hope that explains the difference.


Absolutely does, thank you :slight_smile: