ROBLOX Developer Forums' Trust Levels:

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So, as you can see by the title, I would like to discuss about the Roblox Developer Forums (aka DevForum, for short) and the TLs, i.e. “Trust Levels”.

As the program “Post Approval” shut down in September 2020, it has been quite hard for developers to have the capacities to try leveling up their roles to make comments in categories/subcategories that require a “Regular” level. Also, it is quite biased that some appear to claim that they were able to get it automatically without any specific reason whatsoever.

This topic is frankly discussed in the forum by users, and I do not understand how come there hasn’t been any new system released yet for 2 years by the DevRel team to fix it… Moreover, I believe currently players should be truly capable to access these restrictable categories for some time…

In my perspective, they should mainly focus on rectifying the mechanic to level up and re-design the proper ways of how TLs work currently on Developer Forums such as “Editor”, which is no longer available to get, only for Roblox employees. Not only this but explain furthermore how to level the community programs too.


so its safe to say, I am never gonna get ranked up to regular while roblox is promoting big devs

this should be changed


I have been wondering this myself. I’m a professional systems software engineer and I’ve chosen to develop a project on the Roblox platform. I don’t spam posts. I don’t make unnecessary topics, and yet I can’t get to member status. As an engineer, I have a number of suggestions to make the platform better, but I can’t post them for discussion because I’m not allowed to post in those forums.

I understand Roblox’s reason for this. Most of the people developing games are between 10 and 25, many being between 12-16 years old. So with that in mind, they don’t want “garbage” posts in certain forums. That I can understand. But if you have someone who has shown maturity, discipline, and restraint in their posting habits, or someone, like me, who is a professional, they should be granted regular status.


Not the best solution, but sometimes you might be able to put a feature request in bulletin board, flag it as something else and specify the category it should be moved to.

I know someone who got it recently by doing practically nothing, needs to be a fairer system imo

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I think it may have something to do with actually knowing someone at Roblox. I’ve been on here for almost 4 months and I have quite a few solutions marked, and yet nothing. Interesting though that I can reply to topics in the restricted forums, but I can’t create any new topics.

Not automatic, and not claiming either. I can confirm for certain there are multiple people out there who were manually ranked up to regular well after PA/regular applications were removed, and I know for certain one of those people didn’t even join the devforum until after that date so it’s definitely not a case of “oh maybe they were a long term member”

The worst part about this is it isn’t even about how much you’re contributing to the forum/community, or how often you’re needing to contact groups like bug support, it’s literally just a case of luck and having someone on the DET (at least I believe it’s DET) rank you up because they just feel like it. It really is such a slap in the face to see people doing just as much as you and getting special treatment for zero apparent reason.

I have absolutely nothing against the people who have been ranked up after september 2020 though, for the ones that I know about they 100% deserved the regular.

No, not at all. One of my friends gained it without really knowing anyone at Roblox at the time.

Generally, on Discourse, you need to be active for half of the past 100 days to get it.

The person I know who got it got it through Developer Relations. This system is pretty broken not going to lie.

I wish we could have some consistency with who gets ranked, because quite a few regulars I hardly ever see active, and the whole idea of being a Regular is that you check the forum regularly, and make new topics and posts.