Roblox games load for about 3 seconds then instantly crash

All we can determine at this point is that there is a boot integrity issue. To gather more information, please generate an extended crash dump as suggested by NMEs here. By analyzing the resulting crash dump, we can obtain further details about the problem.


I currently have this issue as well, i think this is not a only case here. When i open a game it will not respond or it will crash after 3 seconds with a error message

Hello Tasen,

Thank you for reaching out. Please generate an extended crash dump as suggested by NMEs here.

Roblox now crashes whenever I launch Wireshark, which I’ve used on more than one occasion to diagnose networking issues with Roblox + Roblox Studio (specifically Team Create de-sync bugs with RakNet).

So that’s a useful network debug tool now rendered completely useless when Roblox is in scope. While I get that some tools like Wireshark can be used maliciously, has anyone actually stopped to think of the legitimate use cases of such tools?


I’ve been crashing a lot, but only on my main acc. I moderate my game sometimes and go on my alt. I’ve never crashed on my alt once. On my main it’s like a 50 50 chance. The main difference between the two accounts I’ve noticed is one has VC perms and one doesn’t. I also don’t crash right away it usually takes about 2-4 seconds. This is also about the same amount of time vc takes to load. Going to games with more people that have vc gives a higher chance of crashing.

Hello TheCreatorBenn,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Based on the information provided, it appears it might be a VC issue.
I recommend filing a separate bug report for this matter. The processing of the bug report can be expedited if you attach a full crash report, as suggested by NMEs here. Once the bug report is filed, please let me know, and I can assist with preliminary preparations for the VC team to help them identify the cause more efficiently.

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Hello everybody,

This thread is becoming quite lengthy, and it’s becoming challenging to keep track of all the issues. I would like to encourage everyone to refrain from posting off-topic comments in this thread. Instead, kindly create a new topic in the Development Discussion section. For bug reports, please consider filing a new report. This will help ensure that the reports reach the appropriate team for resolution.

Thank you for your understanding.


Greetings Bitdancer,

I have also had this issue for a while now, specifically since May 26th, but back then I had no access to the devforums, now that I do, I can finally reach out for support. I am having the same issues as described at the start of this threat and I will be sending you a private message containing the full client dump.
Besides that, should I be sending you just the full client dump (as per strategy three like you’ve always mentioned) or should i send the full client dump alongside the text and config file?

Cheers and I look forward to discussing with you!


Try reinstalling roblox I had this after which I reinstalled roblox and everything started working fine

Had I not tried everything, I wouldn’t be writing in this thread. Nothing has worked so far.

It seems that it doesn’t want to upload, is there a file size limit?

have you already run roblox as an administrator?

Like I said, I have tried everything. I’ve been monitoring this thread ever since I started crashing.

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In this case, I really sympathize with you, I hope the roblox team will pay attention to you and help


I have been monitoring this thread every other day in hopes of a fix but I am losing hope. I have been crashing on Roblox consistently after ~10 minutes of play time for over a month now (first began crashing ever since 5th of May 2023). This has been incredibly annoying and I can’t seem to do anything about it.

I have tried practically everything.
Reinstalling (countless times at this point), debug fflags, trying to interpret the crash dumps myself, running as administrator, etc., etc. I have shown my issues on this thread a few times with little success everytime.

Information I have found (reading not necessary):

I have always said it is relating to the memory dump, and after reviewing the crash dump myself, I seem to be correct.
The crash dump shows that an access violation exception (code c0000005) has occurred in the application RobloxPlayerBeta.exe. This type of exception usually happens when a program tries to access memory which it’s not allowed to, or tries to execute a non-executable address. The instruction at the address ffffffff`ffffffff was trying to be executed, but this is an invalid address and so the exception was thrown and my game crashes.

This happens every single time. I recently reinstalled my Windows 10 prior to the crashes happening-- after the Byfron changes happened, I began having this consistent issue. This of course, could just be a coincidence as I am not qualified or properly equipped to properly understand, which is why I am making this post and sharing my findings.

Relevant downloads:

I have shared my crash dump and log below:

0.578.0.5780566_20230609T124931Z_Player_7A233_last.log (216.0 KB)
log_7A233.ini (2.3 KB)

log_7A233 0, 578, 0, 5780566.Full.Client.7z.001 (487,305 KB)
log_7A233 0, 578, 0, 5780566.Full.Client.7z.002 (129,176 KB)
To extract the ~600MB (~3.5GB when uncompressed) crash dump, you need to download both of them, select both of them, right click one of them and extract using 7Zip.

I am really hoping to find a solution to my problem.


It seems that it still doesn’t want to upload. Is it okay if I upload it to google drive and send you a link to it?

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Hello kingdim,

Full crash dump is all we need. Also, Google Drive is fine. We look forward to analyzing it.

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Oh phew, I’ll be sending it as soon as I can!
Thanks again!

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Hello Knew,

Thank you for contacting us. The crash dump you provided indicates that you are experiencing a multithreading issue that we have been working on for some time. We had scheduled a fix for this issue, as well as the infamous GDI Handles exhaustion, for Wednesday. However, the release was delayed due to unrelated issues. Currently, I cannot provide you with an exact release date, but at the latest, it should be available by next Wednesday (06/14/2023).


Thank you for confirming the issue and providing reassurance. I’m ok to put up with it a bit more.
I’m grateful for this.