Roblox games load for about 3 seconds then instantly crash

Hey bitdancer, I was recently playing “Rocket Tester - Roblox” and it just closed without a dialog saying something about Roblox running into an error and having to close. The current version I am using is the latest production update. I ran a internet speed test to see if my internet caused it and im getting 84.6 Megabits per second for my download and 19 megabits per second upload with a latency (a.k.a ping) of 64 miliseconds. on a 5gHz band. Is this an issue. My computer is about 3 years old. could this be a Roblox issue?

Update: I just contacted bug support and I am awaiting a response

Hello Kai,

Thank you for reaching out. If by any chance a crash dump is created, I’m happy to assist in analyzing the issue

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Ok, but where or how do I access crash dump file?

Ideally, you would create a full crash dump as described here in Strategy Three. If you can’t find the crash dump, do a global search like it is done here.

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where do I put the folder that I name " %LOCALAPPDATA%\Roblox\Versions<your-current-client-version-here>\ClientSettings\ClientAppSettings.json"

It depends on your username. For example, in my case, using the latest version of the Roblox client, the file path is: C:\Users\Bitdancer\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-6552be68b05d41a5\ClientSettings . If the ClientSettings folder does not exist, simply create it.

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Hello Bitdancer,
For a few days now, Roblox just crashes randomly after playing for 4–5 minutes.
It mostly happens in “OneSkyVed's Trolleybuses Place (indev) - Roblox”. Sometimes I don’t even load in, and it just crashes, or I can play for half an hour and then it crashes. It does not give me an error message or anything. I would love the help of you.

(I could have missed something that I was supposed to post into my Reply here and if, I am sorry.)

I have this problem too. But sometimes its under 30 seconds after loading in. Same game too.

Hello WannabeFly,

Please send me a full crash dump as outlined in Strategy Three here.


Idk what is but i cant play roblox since byfron from website (just the roblox microsoft app)

So i open roblox and it keeps in a white screen and the mouse is on white too, maybe is a render problem i tryied updating all my pc updates and nothing

Also i dont want to still playing in microsoft app (the mouse go away the roblox app when im moving the camera or in first person or shiftlock)

We are fielding reports of this happening as of today in Jailbreak. I’m personally not crashing from any games.

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my friend had such issue all he did is replacement of processor/ram/additional disk to new parts, so no such issues after.

I am also getting reports from my game NORTHWIND, having around 40ish people experiencing this.

So, just a quick update. I have played that game now for 4 hours straight with no issues/crashes.
It somehow fixed “itself” but if something happens ill write it here.

I find this extremely hard to believe.
I use Windows 11 currently, and have never had issues with any of the ROBLOX products prior to the implementation of the 64bit client and Hyperion. However, as of recent, I have had more crashes in the past 2 months than prior since 2014.

I would also like to implement that my friend, who usually used Linux, has switched to Windows for ROBLOX lately.
I can attest that when playing games, he crashes nearly 1/2 of the time joining into a new game, despite not changing nearly anything from out of the box Windows 11.

It’s really frustrating playing a game and being booted out as soon as it teleports you to another place.

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Hi Bitdancer,
I’ve been following this thread for over a month and now Im finally able to post myself. I’ve been having the same “Roblox loads for about 3 seconds then crashes” thing since around June 14th now.

I’ve tried a bazillion amount of things to fix, from the other answers in this thread to youtube videos, people that already have experience with this and completely reinstalling both Windows 10 & 11. Not a single thing worked. I kept starting Roblox every now and then to check if it fixed itself, especially on Wednesdays since it would usually update that day but from June ~14th till today not a single update fixed this crash. I have another laptop, which is very old but for some reason Roblox works completely fine on it. The current Laptop I am having the crash issue on is a new one from February 2023. The Microsoft version of Roblox works since Hyperion is not there.

Here’s the crash dump generated with procdump, strategy three in “how to post a bug report” does not work for me

also some more info:

Using Bloxstrap - An open-source, feature-packed alternative bootstrapper for Roblox I changed my deployement channel from “LIVE” to “ZClientwatcher”
Screenshot 2023-08-05 161215
Since Hyperion wasn’t integrated in 0.570.268.5700017 Roblox actually launches, like getting past the white loading screen with the green bar, but I obviously can’t get ingame since its way to outdated.


This is also happening to tons of players in my game NORTHWIND,

it seems to happen at complete random with no warning prior to something causing it. People join, stay for a few seconds, sometimes minutes, and then get the Roblox crash error.

Very upsetting to have this issue be so constant as it is quite literally killing my player base.


Thank you very much for the guidance, i look on it to try solve the issue.

I’ve been having a similar issue, but roblox loads for about 15 seconds instead of 3. I’ve tried many things to no avail, and my issue also started on june 14th, however was fixed on the 15th, and broke on the 16th again, and it’s still broken as of August 8th 2023. What’s most strange though is that this isn’t producing any kind of dump file, only log .tmp files.

For strategy 3 on how to create a dump file, to create the ClientAppSettings.json, you can simply use a text editor such as notepad. Write the command into notepad and then save it as a .json file.

For the ClientSettings Folder, just create it.