Roblox games load for about 3 seconds then instantly crash

Can you please try another experience, something like Blox Fruits - Roblox

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Thanks for replying, yh i just tried it and it’s the same issue. The roblox window doesn’t even appear, it gives that little ui saying starting roblox and after that nothing happens, roblox is just removed from the background (i checked using task manager to monitor everything)

Could you please check if any crash dump files have been generated? You can do this by searching for files with the *.dmp extension. Here are the posts that describes how to locate *.dmp files.

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Sorry for my late reply, and so Yh i did what you told me and it says “Volume in drive C is Windows” and one of your previous comment state that means I have no dump files in my driver?

That is correct. Just to be sure, make sure you are in C:\ - meaning in the root directory - before you issue the command dir /s *.dmp.



Also, perhaps we should continue analyzing the issue in DMs to avoid further polluting this thread.


When are we gonna be able to use stuff like MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner(RTSS) on Roblox again?

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Roblox’s buggy ahh client is to blame here.

Why are we supposed to get 30 FPS because a server filled up in Jailbreak while we aren’t dealing with a low end hardware or, our excessive CPU usage instead of using our GPUs properly, before saying YoU aRe UsiNG InTeGraTed graphics, that isn’t a issue I have.

Same bullcrap is also going on with NVIDIA FrameView, so this is not MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner to blame:

It’s not that it’s buggy, it’s that there is no way for it to safely tell the difference between a cheating program that hooks directly into the client, versus a normal, okay program that hooks into the client. Disabling this behavior would basically be disabling the anti-cheat altogether.


30 FPS? You’re lucky. Lots of people get only half that. Also, what’s with the russian nvidia website?

MSI Afterburner is deprecated software that has no alternative to it, just like the MSI web server from 2013.

Oops, forgot to change language on the link

I can’t get any Roblox application to launch.
The loading box appears and Roblox just chills in the background doing nothing for 20 minutes until I start hearing the background music from the games I try to join. After that either nothing happens or it shows that the application crashed.
I’ve been contacting support but all I’ve gotten in response is the most obvious fixes I’ve tried a 100 times before even messaging them.

Cleared all files and cache from roblox, reinstalled many times, restarted my pc a ton, tried running it in compatibility mode, tried running it as admin, giving the apps firewall priveledges, turning off antivirus and whitelisting the programs, updated my drivers.

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I also have this bug. I play for 10 seconds and then my character plays the walking animation while standing idle, then crashes. I blame Byfron.

My system specs:
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gen 7
Intel Core i7-12700H
16GB DDR5 Memory

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Hello bnx,

This definitely doesn’t sound like a Hyperion issue. However, if you do have a crash dump, please forward it to us.


Hello ants,

Please send me a full crash dump as outlined in Strategy Three here


I have also recently seen crashes when playing roblox while other Easy Anti Cheat games are running (For example: Fortnite)

Very similar to the wireshark crash I mentioned at the start of the hyperion release, however this time, it crashes between 1-5 seconds after launch. Im suspecting it is the anticheat trying to intercept the process in order to verify the legitamacy of the process

I have logged 2 crash dumps according to the strategy 3, totaling around 5GB size, I can send it to you in DMs if it is needed

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I’ve been having this issue since June (roblox crashing at/moments after launch), and despite my best efforts with WinDbg, I’ve had no luck determining what’s causing the crash. None of the loaded modules seem out of the ordinary or anything. Here’s the full 600mb crash dump- any help would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Additional information- booting into Safe Mode lets me launch, but attempting a clean boot doesn’t. I am running the latest possible version of Windows 10.

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OS: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter with GUI
CPU: AMD FX-4320@4.0GHz
GPU: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
RAM: 32GB [4x8GB]
Hello, I got crashed Roblox since July 2023, recently in event viewer called AutoVerifierV2.
I’m trying to update the graphics card, operating system and also reinstalled Roblox but, keeps crashing after the launch and in game.

I am also having this issue, no idea of what’s doing it though.

EDIT: This may have something to be with windows insider’s newest versions, since on other threads with the same issue people have seem to have found that


I’m having the same issue using Windows 7 Ultimate. I don’t know why but I’ve messaged crash logs to @Bitdancer in hopes he can fix it for me.

Edit: After looking through the posts in here, I noticed mentions of Test Mode.

Now, the thing is, I cannot boot outside of test mode due to Windows 7 not loading NVIDIA’s drivers if I don’t use it, a potential solution for Roblox to implement would be to whitelist any system using test mode with NVIDIA GPUs installed, as it is required to have GPU drivers to run Roblox correctly.

There is NO other option for me. I MUST use test mode otherwise I won’t have a GPU.

I don’t even know if it is test mode, as I crash with or without it enabled, but please, Roblox, look into this, as I am not upgrading to Windows 10 to play Roblox.

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