Roblox having major physics issues

At the moment, roblox’s latency in games are even more insane than normal, and games randomly freeze every few minutes for absolute no reason. A few minutes ago, I was constantly lagging and glitching, a long with freezing for absolute no reason in-game even if my ping is very low as usual. I also have been experiencing some crashing issues, like roblox randomly kicking me out of a game saying my internet isn’t connected, although it is. Loading also takes forever in most games, it doesn’t even show the loading screen most of the time it just goes straight to a view of the map, but nothing is loaded in so your camera is just stuck looking down at the map.


My friends and I have noticed. My client is replicating it’s movement to places that it isn’t on my screen. Very strange phenomenon.


Yes, this is true and we have all noticed this within all types of games from varying genre’s. This is also affecting the chat service they are using which causes a small delay in the chat for short period of time. It doesn’t give an error message like it usually does, so this is something on the ROBLOX site.


Has anyone tried the mobile version of roblox or the downloaded version you get off the store to see if it’s also getting this same issue?

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I was experiencing this as well and I was concerned it was my guns/weapons. But I’m relieved to know it isn’t an isolated issue.


Some features on Roblox have been unbelievable slow for me recently. Pretty much everytime I’ve attempted to join a game in the last 2 hours. I get stuck on the grey screen, with the frozen Roblox logo in the bottom-right of the screen. Occasionally as well, the game will fail to launch completely!
And when/if the game does load. Parts of the game fail to load, meshes, Guis, pretty much everything.



This issue happens to me and my friends as well. Players will stop appearing to other players when their still in the server as well. As well as, I lose connections to servers. Hopefully it gets fixed.


Can confirm, but I do feel that this has been happening to me since easter every day.

I can only stay in a game for a maximum of 30 seconds then it kicks me out saying I have bad internet connection. does not happen to my phone. I cannot play any games on my pc now. It could be my internet but searching stuff on google and opening studio has no issues.


I don’t know if it’s because we’re all in quarantine and have nothing else to do (I mean, there’s always about 200K+ people on the most popular game) or if it’s just a problem on Roblox’s part. Nevertheless, it’s definitely something that needs to be looked at.


When you get this bug, there is huge desync between players. The player that gets this bug can stay in game but cant see the proper location of the other players or player moved objects.

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I was playing Temple of Brickbattles Crossroads earlier today and noticed that upon regenerating, certain pieces of the map would spawn in odd places (10+ studs off from where they should be), or in some cases, not spawn at all.

Scratched my head at it for a while, odd to see issues like this all across the platform


Here is an example of the player position desync in Bee Swarm Simulator. In order for the orange honey beams to be attached to the players, they must be standing on the circular pads in front of their hives. In this picture other players are shown with the beams converting honey while in random places around the map. Many players are reporting seeing similar stuff at the moment.


I can confirm, @Spathi and I are having problems in our game as well. Character replication is insanely spotty / slow. Half of the character movements don’t properly replicate to clients, and if they do replicate they’re very delayed.

E.g. if I walk forward for about 5 seconds, on another player’s screen I didn’t walk at all, until a few seconds later.


Also, note whenever I was playing a roblox football game on their screen I was in a completely different spot in-game, while on my screen I was right beside them. Lets say I was at the 20 yard line, on my friends screen I would be at the 50 yard line.

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Having in-game issues as well, slow loading, connectivity issues from the website when clicking play, HttpService fails, TeleportService fails, topbar disappears, owner-right in the console disappears, not everything in the games happens at same time, but happens randomly, but mostly minimum 1 of those happen everytime, TeleportService and HttpService is the most critical for me since it made me had to close the game.

I also have connectivity issues to Roblox Studio too, where I gets randomly logged out and loading issues about that it can’t load the place, the last happens most often, about 75% of the times. And roblox website is really slow and I get a timeout error about 25% of the times.


This is starting to be a big issue and there’s no idea on what is causing it.
Nearly everything slugs out of the blue, chat still acting perfectly normally but player positions are desynced, server inserted parts take long to insert, TeleportService errors locally, and server scripts delay to react.

I might try to run this on an empty baseplate and if the same thing happens, there’s nothing I can do to find out what’s going on.


Yes, I can definitely confirm that this is happening to at least two of my games. Character movement sometimes doesn’t replicate at all, and if it does, it is very inaccurate. This breaks all of my client-sided hit detection work.

Where my character is standing from my client’s point of view:

Where my character is standing on another player’s client:

As you can see, the rotation and positioning is totally messed up (not to say “cursed”). This is a critical issue that does at least affect a few games.


Apparently the current state of CorePackages of the game cause an insane amount of instability. Any ideas why the engine is messing up?

List of observed issues

  • UI failing to work as intended
  • Player position desync
  • Thumbnail loading failure; affected the main menu

Our game is currently having many teleport issues, this seems to be the most common one:

This is preventing our entire game from working as it relies on teleports.


I’m not sure if this counts, but just like player position replication problems in other games, my game is also suffering from the same thing but for tanks. These tanks utilize SetNetworkOwnership to the respective players for smooth client tank movement.

As seen in the screenshot, my test account (right screen) is next to me on it’s client and on the server, it can do damage to me normally with it’s close range only turret. However, my main account does not see this, it sees my alt all the way at the spawn point (a point that would be impossible to damage me at that range). If I were to fire at where my alt is supposed to be, it deals damage, even though I am just shooting at thin air on my screen.

Again, none of this has happened until today, and the local tank control scripts have not been modified in a while.