Roblox is coming to Meta Quest!

I see this as a huge win for Roblox, I think this is huge opportunity for new players to engage with Roblox on different levels. And can also roll in some more of that money if you know what I mean… :slight_smile:


I think this is absolutely needed. We need another form of engagement with new tools and technologies. VR will be a huge game-changer for Roblox and the games in it.


Sounds like a good change!
But, I have a few questions.

As said by others, will we need to buy expensive equipment to test this? Will VR developers need a VR headset to make the game or will it be a similar system to the “Devices” page in the “Test” tab.

This seems like it has potential to be a good thing. But it would need to become available to more platforms other than two Meta Quest headsets. While they are currently the biggest. They are not the only one. Apple recently launched their Vision Pro, while expensive, there may be a cheaper one to come. The Pico 4 has also got hardware (to my understanding) to run this.
Please let this be a “step in the right direction” rather than a finished product.


Great news to hear this will make reaching the VR audience much easier but one concern I have is finding games that are designed with VR support in mind and not just default scripts.


Finally! This is really a step in the right direction for more VR titles. Very excited for this Roblox good work.


The only thing I see worth my attention in this thread is the ability to disable VR. I asked for this about a year ago and it appeared for a brief period of time before being removed, so I’m glad to see that it will be coming back and staying. I do not want to develop for a VR audience or for VR to be used with my experiences that have no VR support or are otherwise gamebreaking.


Long overdue, excited to see whats next


Awesome! No more using Airplay or Virtual Desktop to get a blurry and laggy view of roblox!! :+1:


For discovery, my vision is that we can search based on tags like single-player, or ‘VR’ to better find games that tailor to our interests. Similar to or Steam.

The Xbox side of Roblox has had some issues, although being worked on, of showing games that weren’t supported for Xbox. My ask is that a similar thing doesn’t happen for VR. A system to effectively find VR games, in different genres and in general, should be available. (other than simply typing “VR” into the search box.)


This is huge news! How will we know when the beta is out?



This is amazing and I will be downloading this as soon as it releases on app lab!


Finally! I remember waiting for this, and forgetting about it. I wish you guys well on the VR release!


The idea is good, but in practice I don’t think this would work very well. The feel of VR is much, much different to anything that PC could emulate. If you’re making a game for VR, test it in VR or don’t support VR in your game at all.

A better way to go about this would be to add support for something like Google Cardboard, using your phone rather than a headset. But even this has its flaws.


Awesome! Does that cover native controller to avatar hand movement support? I kinda find it very immesrion breaking with the “stock” VR scripts we are given. So far altervatives DO exist, but they are unofficial such as Nexus VR

Also, will we be able to customize our own VR home enviroments if that would be even a thing?


Awesome news! Have been waiting on Quest support since the speculations close to 2 years ago :sweat_smile: Lack of standalone support has been the main thing holding me back from developing VR experiences - huge step in the right direction.


Congratulations to the Team for breaking through, with the one or other news that came around the past months I am glad to see this coming to us now.

How will this work development wise? Will we still have to test through PCVR?


Happy to see Roblox coming to VR on the Quest!


Really exciting stuff! I think my main concern currently is the quality of VR content available when Roblox launches on Quest. A lot of the available experiences will be ones designed to be played either on PC or mobile/tablet (with gamepad support too, but more on that in a moment).

As amazing as it is that the current core camera/controller scripts will make those experiences playable in VR without any effort from the developers, players on Quest will be relying on the gamepad support of those experiences being solid which has always been an afterthought for a lot of Roblox titles. Furthermore, neither of the Quest’s touch controllers have a D-Pad which may cause issues with some games.

Native VR support with motion controls will always be better of course! I’d love to see some sort of way to filter specifically for games designed for VR as apposed to flat games with VR support.

Although on a more positive note, I think this will drive a lot more attention towards VR from the developer community and Roblox themselves. We’ve already seen some people accomplish amazing things using Roblox as their platforms for VR development (all eyes are on you poptartnoah and canyonjack, even outside of the roblox sphere :stuck_out_tongue:), and given some time I think my concerns will be addressed. The future is looking really exciting here, thanks!


Completely missed this (my scroll wheel has been jumping lately); thanks!


Now we know where their spending went, instead of fixing poor quality functions on ROBLOX as a platform, they instead make a VR application. Kudos.