Roblox is now available on Meta Quest!

[Update] October 30, 2023

Get your headsets charged, Roblox is now available in the Meta Quest Store!

As we shared recently at the Roblox Developers Conference, our vision is to ensure Roblox is available anywhere on any device. We are continuing to progress towards this vision now that Roblox is fully launched on Meta Quest.

During the open beta, we saw more than a million people install Roblox on Meta Quest in the first five days, and we’re thrilled to see even more people join in the fun now that it’s in the Meta Quest Store. We’re also excited to see that over 50,000 experiences have been published to VR.

If you haven’t had a chance to try your experiences on VR yet, we encourage you to check it out. It’s a great opportunity to reach more users by creating a new, immersive way to engage with your experiences. You can optimize your existing experiences or build new experiences with VR in mind. Roblox continues to remain the easiest way to publish and distribute experiences to VR with little to no additional coding effort required since Roblox is designed to be universal, allowing the same experiences to run everywhere.

Thanks to all of you, people now have access to a rich and diverse library of Roblox VR enabled experiences that continues to grow. We’re excited for the Meta Quest community to enjoy your experiences together with those using Roblox on Xbox, PlayStation (coming soon), iOS, Android, and desktop.

To install the Roblox app on Meta Quest headsets, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your Meta Quest device is up to date, running v57 (or higher) of Meta Quest software.

  • Search for “Roblox” in the Quest Store and install it from there or download it directly from this link.

  • Start Roblox on your Quest device.

  • Sign in to your existing Roblox account using the Quick Login option on your computer or phone.

    • Note: At this time we do not yet support account creation or password sign in on Meta Quest devices.

Once you’ve installed Roblox and signed in, you’ll be able to join any VR-enabled Roblox experience. We can’t wait to see what you can do!

Known Issues and Upcoming Improvements

There are a few known issues that we are actively working on:

  • Roblox Meta Quest is currently available to people ages 13 and older. We’re exploring adding support for people ages 10 and older, but this will not be available at launch. Roblox on Meta Quest is now available for any user ages 10 and older. (Updated on October 30, 2023)

  • Password sign-in and account creation are not yet supported. Sign in to your existing Roblox account using the Quick Login option on your computer or phone.

  • We do not yet offer personalized experience recommendations in the “Recommended for You” list.

  • The Discovery page is disabled on Meta Quest, so we will continue to improve and focus on experience recommendations going forward.

  • In-experience notifications are not yet supported on Meta Quest. We plan to support Notifications fully in the future.

  • We are planning to improve accuracy and visual treatment of raycast targeting.

  • We will continue to improve experience loading performance and loading screen visuals.

We’re excited to see all the experiences you create with Roblox on Meta Quest. So put on your headset, grab your controllers, and let’s explore VR together!


Will Roblox on Meta Quest be available to all users?

  • Roblox on Meta Quest is available for any user 13 10 and older.

Does Roblox on Meta Quest support purchasing Robux on the headset?

  • Yes, users can now purchase Robux directly from their Meta Quest headset.

What Meta Quest devices will Roblox support?

  • Roblox will support Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3 devices.

If my experience is published for VR, can I unpublish my experience for VR?

  • Yes, you can unpublish your experience from within Studio by following the steps here.



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Amazing, can not wait to see games made specifically for VR!


I wish you could’ve gotten the password login and other essential features working by now, still feels like an app lab game and not a full release, especially since you can’t use password login. Maybe delaying this until Christmas would’ve been a better idea.


Isn’t that already possible?


Never mind. I didn’t realize you could. Thanks for telling me.

Did you read the FAQ? It says you can now…


Sorry, Probably should’ve read more in depth before I made the comment :sweat_smile: Still I think it should’ve been delayed especially since the UI is just the mobile one.


That’s great to see the Meta Quest come to Roblox!

Tho, it’s great that Roblox now supports more Meta Quest devices. But I kinda wished that Roblox could support the original Meta Quest.

Still great to see, thank you Roblox! :smile:


Will there be a performance boost or is the headset just unable to get any?


For me, it’s a pain point that you can’t access many game details on VR.

For example, not being able to see specific servers in VR. Since the VR app looks astonishingly similar to the mobile app, I’d expect all the features in the mobile app to be in the VR menu!


Sweet! Will it have built in features like first person with IK hand tracking, or will developers have to create this?


I will be trying this later, but how’s the performance for ya’ll?


This is something that I wished to see! I just got my meta quest yesterday and I for some reason didn’t see it in the store, thanks!


I hope this will spark more love for VR support in games as a whole! I love the concept of PC and VR users being able to interact in silly ways that developers keep creating!


no…just…no…why was this seen as necessary?


Why would it not be seen as necessary? This is a crucial step for Roblox VR and the platform as a whole.


Wth is it going to do to you you don’t have to use this amazing feature. every one else who has more than 1 Brain cell can tell this is a giant step for VR and Roblox


Ok so for the people who are wondering on what its like.

I just tested it out on my meta quest and it is INSANE! You basically have to login using a quick login, then after that your pretty set, everything looks pretty clean, except the home page doesn’t like to work sometimes, but its really cool and definitely feels weird if you’ve never been on a VR in ur life.

This is really cool.


Oh boy! I’m excited to be able to run ROBLOX games at 35 FPS (Regardless of my GPU) just as I did when I used Oculus Link!


Im not against VR support im just against supporting a headset made by mark zuckerburg. the metaverse is already terrible and it would be far more convenient to support other headsets like valve,occulus, or pimax.