Roblox Model File Decoder

-project no longer maintained-


This is just breathtaking, since I have so many ideas where I could use this.
One of them would be a plugin for myself that would load a game template with all the folders and scripts I usually use, without having to go in a previous place to get them.
Absolutely astonishing!


Dangggggg, wow, this isn’t even relying on the XML type of roblox models. The code is also commented, amazing work. This could be used for some type of game obfuscation (ex. loading in different parts of the game through HTTP), although if there was place stealing it’d seem like it would be obsolete.

Other than that, I just can’t believe how amazing this is, fantastic work!

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Wow, you just made a better version of my Insert Cloud. Props to you guys!

Bravo, amazing release! No more nasty restrictions imposed by InsertService. Will use this!

Me and @ImActuallyAnna made a collaborative post to explain in detail how our project works.

Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

This is genuinely great. I’m more interested in what your plan for this is though, what are you currently working on that requires the ability to insert rbxm files on the fly?

If you remember those old Insert Wars games that were really popular back in the day, it’s basically very similar to that.

Looks pretty neat, but there’s one concern from me.

By this method, you can potentially bypass Roblox's moderation system for assets

This seems bad and the mods might be able to take your place down for doing that. :/

This doesn’t bypass any moderation whatsoever. For any asset to be displayed; that being either texture, mesh (SpecialMesh MeshId given that MeshParts are not throughly supported via scriptable means), or model (uploaded) — it still has to go through Roblox.

Unless you are talking about structures that represent immoral, disturbing, or just impolite imagery all of those are still possible even without this: There’s nothing different.