Roblox silently loses connection without notice or rejoin option

Same here, I think that as mentioned above by @omer_y they should add a short reconnect window while preventing input on the client, it’s been nearly half a year with this issue and it only happens on some ISPs, however to this day I don’t know what the cause is because average people don’t have access to ISP infrastructure

I can confirm it’s not related to PC hardware or software and it’s also not related to the router/modem/switch/etc as nothing had changed in regards to that either, the error just started popping up all of a sudden for me and my friends who used the same ISP so it’s likely related to the ISP itself

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I’m a Verizon user, with a high speed connection. It wasn’t until lately when the client runs without disconnecting (meaning I can walk around, and use features that don’t require the server) but anything outside my client simply is frozen. Probably last week is when I started getting disconnected immediately, still a frustration, but at least the rejoin button works instead of leaving, and waiting for that client to disconnect when it times out.

Edit: This pretty much only happens on Jailbreak, but I play Jailbreak 95% more than other games


I’m pretty sure the cause is the player disconnecting for a few seconds and roblox just kicks you out.

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so, from what i know, you need to clear your cache and cookies for your browser. not sure why it works but it did for me

I’ve just started having this issue as of late. It’s super annoying! I’m running an rtx 4070, got 32 gigs of ram, and am using an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D 6-Core Processor, so it definitely isn’t a hardware issue.