Roblox Studio Hotkey Sheet (Credit: 2hex)


Thanks to @2Hex for his studio hotkey cheat sheet. It’s very useful, and more people should have as look at it!

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Shift+2 will also highlight the move increment box, which is super useful for builders.


Ctrl + Shift + Z will also undo your undo (If that makes sense)


I believe the correct term is “redo” but I think I like “undo your undo” better


2Hex has made quite a few hotkey sheets prior to this one, and they are incredibly helpful, not to mention they are put together beautifully. I wish that they would be featured here.


F2 - rename
Alt + R - Change Rotation Interval
Shift + 2 - Change Move Interval
F5 - Pause
Shift + F5 - Stop
F1 - Open Wiki

Also this


I only listed the really basic one people would normally use. I should’ve put Pause and Stop in there.