Roblox Studio: Now in Spanish, Portuguese, & Japanese!

¡Puedes leer el anuncio en español! / Leia o anúncio em Português!

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Hey developers,

We have very exciting news for our international developers! As of today, Roblox Studio is now localized and accessible in three new languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese!

These localized versions will be accessible to anyone who would like to use them. Not sure how to enable them? No problem! We’ve included a short guide on how to navigate these settings below!

How to enable Studio in Spanish, Portuguese, or Japanese

  1. Open Roblox Studio and navigate to the “File” tab in the top left corner

  1. Select “Studio Settings"

studio 2

  1. In Studio Settings, scroll down to the General section and locate the Language tab

studio 3

  1. Click the drop down menu next to the Language tab and select the language you’d like to use

studio 4

  1. When you click “Close,” and this menu will pop up. Studio will need to be restarted for the language changes to take effect. Then you can proceed to use Studio in whichever language you’d prefer!

studio 5

As we continue to open Roblox Studio up to new languages and communities, we always appreciate any and all feedback! Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions!


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Wow finally, this is a really good update as it will open up the door of development to way more people!


While this is great for newcomers, a prompt should’ve been shown to existing studio users, I don’t want to use a translation that doesn’t match my dialect.

Not only that, but this announcement is extremely late (this functionality was available and forced over a week ago!), I spent about 6 minutes looking for a way to switch back to English because there was no information on how to disable this up until now.


This is honestly amazing. I was just reading a feature request about this a few days ago.

Great job with these updates, Roblox.


In the future, will the community be able to contribute to the available translations? (outside of #feature-requests:studio-features, perhaps exposing a translator portal like through Crowdin) Or even the ability to propose new languages to be translated that studio does not yet support?


Yay! Now my friends can try to make games easier now! Nice! (:


With the recent expansion towards the Japanese audience, will there be a devforum category created for Japan? I understand that this is a difficult endeavor that would involve several moving parts to come together including identifying/fostering a sufficiently large Japanese developer community, as well as hiring management staff for a Japanese section of the devforum. Just wondering if this is an aspiration of developer relations; if so, I will be patiently and excitedly waiting! I am a Japanese speaker and would love to network with other Japanese developers on Roblox.


Are you going to make a french version too?


As a brazilian developer, this update in Roblox Studio is honestly incredible! Now they should’ve added more languages such as French, German, etc.


this is really cool. now more developers will be able to use roblox more easily. great job. what Languages do you plan on ading next? arabic? russian? cant wait!


Even if it doesn’t affect me directly, i’m happy that more developers can work much easily now. Thanks for your hard work.


Although I’m not an international user, I know these updates will help to expand Roblox’s international accessibility tremendously, keep up the great work!


Hello. My name is Snowflake. Me and other Roblox developers will find this feature or new update helpful and cool. I personally like how much effort was put into setting this up. Thankyou Roblox!

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Great! I’d like to see this in a lot more languages, like mandarin, MS arabic, hindi and more!

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Although i personally won’t be using, Japanese localization definitely is one of the great addition for Japanese community :smiley:
Back then, the only things we could rely on to work with studio and other English contents were to wait for someone who is fluent in both English and Japanese to post some tutorials, which not many does.
However, since the features are all now natively translated, we will be able to dive into the world of creating games without hesitating :smiley:


When are we going to be able to make our own localization files :sob: I want Romaniannnn

Finally, new supported languages for the studio. Great to see the studio expanding, instead of the engine :+1:


I really like the spanish language. Can be userful for new developers who don’t know 100% english.

Question, I heard that you can only script in English, Is it true… Can you script in other languages now? Spanish Portuguese and Japanese? and the other languages available to Roblox Studio? That would be very cool :sunglasses: And Helpful to say the least!

add arbic then there is alot of arbian devs