Roblox Studio Script Lag

When typing code it takes a alot of time for the text to actually load. Anyone else having this issue?

This issue is already asked. My fault, soon as I came from school I went straight to editing and diddn’t bother to search the forums. Next time I need to remember to look at the forums before posting.


Please take a look at this thread: Script Editor Freezing Studio in Team Create

Please look in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs in the future if you have any other issues because it’s likely to have been talked about.


If the lag is unbearable (I tried following repro steps but I couldn’t get it to lag) you could move to an external editor like visual studio code

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I try to use Visual Studio code but It only creates module scripts.

Adding to this, take a look at Rojo

I know how to use it it’s just it only makes module scripts. Is there a way to make normal scripts and local scripts from it?

Have you taken a look here?

I personally haven’t used it yet so I wouldn’t know. Roblox knows about your issue so they are currently working on it.

Edit: I would assume yes since it has this section:

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.lua makes modules
.server.lua makes server scripts
.client.lua makes local scripts

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Where do I put those???

Have you added the Rojo plugin?

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Yes, I have the rojo plugin…