Roblox Terms of Use Update


As Roblox grows, it is important that our Terms of Use remains applicable and relevant to the ever-growing community of global creators, users, and partners. We have listened to feedback from many of you and have made some adjustments that we believe will benefit everyone on the platform, including making the terms easier to read and access.

Our goal in revising the Terms of Use is to provide a level of transparency and clarity for all users of Roblox. We are now referring to anyone who publishes content onto the platform, including developers, as a Creator. The revised Terms of Use now have “Creator Terms,” which are more specific to Creators while our “User Terms” apply to everyone who enjoys Roblox.

This update includes, but is not limited to:

  • A rewrite of the Terms of Use to make it easier to read
  • A revision of the UGC license to Roblox which provides limitations on how Roblox may market and promote UGC off of the platform.
  • An express trademark license for Creators to use Roblox trademarks on the platform
  • Removed the concept of Roblox being able to create “derivative works” based on a Creator’s UGC
  • Modified language in some areas to make it more consistent with the existing license terms for global Creators
  • Updated the appendices that contain additional terms for specific countries outside of the US

We have also updated our Developer Exchange Terms of Use to provide more information about the DevEx program, including eligibility requirements and cashing out “Earned Robux.”

Note: Any changes outlined in the new terms will take effect 30 days from today. We strongly encourage you to review the full, updated revised Terms of Use to make sure you fully understand them and are prepared to follow them. Remember, if you use the Roblox platform, or any other Roblox website, app or other service after February 10, 2022 you will be doing so under these updated terms.

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The new highlight feature is amazing. Not only will it make understanding the Terms of Use much easier, it also makes searching through it a much simpler process.


The ability to collapse sections is also very helpful for navigating through the content. Very happy with these changes!


:wave: Hey everyone! If anyone is in need of a diff comparing the old and new Terms of Service, here are the diffs:


You can probably imagine my disappointment when I looked at the DevEx changes and I didn’t see an increase in the rates…

I do agree that the Terms of Use are easier to understand though.


Im glad that the Terms of Use is FINALLY updated!! Im glad its more clear to users, some users may not have been able to understand it, so im glad you guys did that!


It appears that the link to the “full privacy policy” on the Roblox Privacy and Cookie Policy page appears to be broken:


Thank you so much! This makes it like 50x easier to understand!!!


Nice work on the new changes! Great to see everything is being made better for end users.

(ii) for Users in the DexEv Program, be provided via email)



Wait wait wait… does this mean that users will be able to sell an entire game under the ToS?


I think that’s referring to paid access. They tried to combine two sentences (two verbs) into each other and “trade” probably was not meant to apply to “Experiences” there. Just like you can’t actually trade game passes / developer product purchases.


Has the clothing cut dropped to 30% for the creators of clothing? Or had this always been the case?


If you dont have premium, Roblox has always taken 70% of earnings. But with Premium, you get 70%.


Just like Robux is already a virtual currency, Roblox experiences offer their own virtual currencies. Although it’s a purchased product, it could also be considered a way of redeeming or even exchanging your Robux for in-experience goods (which may be virtual currencies). I do not feel the terms reflect this. Perhaps specify not for any currency of real money value?


No. The person who uploaded the shirt is both the creator and distributor, making it a 70% cut still.

However, selling UGC items shifts the distributor cut to Roblox.


People can now steal revenue from you. Thanks, Roblox! I now have even more of a reason to leave your platform. My days are numbered here.


Am I alone when I say that is absolutely horrible?


Wait would this mean that roblox can’t use our creations as marketing material or take what we make in experiences anymore?

Roblox IP includes UGC licensed to Roblox by Creators under the Creator Terms. Except as allowed in these User Terms or any other Roblox Terms, User may not use any Roblox IP contained in the Services unless User gets separate permission from the owner. - Roblox

However it seems this is contradicted by

Collectively, the User Terms, the Creator Terms, the DevEx Terms, the Roblox Community Standards, the DMCA Guidelines and Policies and the Roblox TM Guidelines… Some Experiences also allow for independent UGC creation within the Experience by Users of that Experience. Such Users who separately create UGC within an Experience hereby grant Roblox and the Creator of the applicable Experience a worldwide, perpetual, royalty free and irrevocable right and exclusive license to use and exploit that UGC in any manner or media without any obligation, including any obligation to pay royalties or other compensation to any person or party. - Roblox

Because if this means what I think it does we can now use quixel megascans on roblox if we own what we upload


Is that implying that you get a pay cut taken away or that whoever is promoting it also gets some money


Whoever sells it in-game gets 40%. If you get an on-site sale, Roblox gets the cut.