[ROBLOXCRITICAL] MarketplaceService Down?

My game is breaking and every time MarketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync() is called this error occurs. Just started happening around 5 mins ago and getting tons of reports from players.

[ Something went wrong with the request, see response status code.]



Also have this issue in my game.

Line in question:
hasNameChoice = marketplace:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(pl.UserId,6189968) or marketplace:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(pl.UserId,6213120)

Critical bug as it’s preventing people from creating new characters.


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Confirm this is happening to my games
In the last 20 minutes I’ve received 300-400 of these, and I’ve never seen them before. The last time I updated my game was ~1 day ago, so it can’t be something that I just updated. The error in question is the one in the title of this post. Here are the following API commands that I’m using, that all cause this error:


  • MarketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(ServerOwner.Value.UserId, Gamepass.Value)
    – ServerOwner cannot be nil, as my error tracker that logs errors uses LogService.MessageOut, and all messages have ServerOwner.Value.UserId and ServerOwner.Value.Name attached to it, so that can’t be nil. Gamepass.Value isn’t nil either, I manually checked that

  • BadgeService:UserHasBadgeAsync(ServerOwner.Value.UserId, Purchase:FindFirstChild(‘BadgeId’).Value)
    – Once again, the only thing that could be nil is Purchase.BadgeId.Value, but that should’ve caused an error a long time ago.

Noticed other games are reporting this, is it a roblox critical?! Seems to be an issue with MarketplaceService

Games affected:


Comfirming here aswell, and modules wont load


Our engineering team is investigating this right now, thank you for posting the report.


I can also confirm this, error being “Something went wrong with the request, see response status code”

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If you don’t use MarketplaceService you won’t be affected.

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At least the bright side is that assuming the issue is on the backend, any game with decent error handling shouldn’t have to restart (once it’s fixed). Never forget Murphy’s Law.

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Are DataStores also affected? Every single player on my game has had their data reset and they are getting random data? It only started happening when this error occurred.


I was in my game and just died, and when I re spawned I didn’t receive the game pass tools

I have no reported DataStore issues currently.

My guess is that MarketPlaceService probably isn’t able to check whether or not you have gamepasses then, and so your scripts won’t give you tools

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Had to close my game temporarily because of this problem.


Hopefully the issue is fixed soon, I have a riot of “refund me”


My game only saves data if it loads correctly and this error should have turned off data saving if there were any problems but everyone’s data is still reset ever since this error started happening.

I got swarmed with reports of the game breaking so I just shutdown all the servers and closed the game because I was afraid data could be hurt.

With my game pass tools, only two-three weapons load, as the others don’t, very interesting lol.

Yeah, another aspect is the fact that even already purchased gamepasses do not load in game. Meaning they just disappear.

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Might be worth looking into the code that runs if data loading fails. Maybe you have something that erases or replaces certain values wrongly?