[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Site is generally broken [ENGINE, STUDIO and WEB]



Can confirm, site is generally slow, catalog is not working, avatar editor broken, very frustrating.


It’s absolutely horrendous how this keeps occurring. You’d think at this point the servers would have been upgraded to handle more players. (Yes I am aware that they are currently upgrading their systems, this does not mean that they could’ve done this earlier.)


I’m having the same issues when trying to upload models/generally browsing the site.


All characters not loading.


Very strange but for a few minutes this guy was in my friends list:

I haven’t accepted this guy and I’m presuming its a bot.

A full page of users I’ve never accepted invites from.
What is going on?

Now I have over 1700 friends…

Some users from this list are under the requests tab I’ve noticed.


I’m liking the new theme rollout


There are threads about it from prior weeks:


That’s a good point, but they have had quite a few instances of this now. Secondly, the vast majority of major platforms (or services, for that matter) do not have such frequent reliability issues. So, whatever the issue is, there is a way to predict it and plan accordingly.


How long does this typically last for?

It has been about 45 minutes since I first noticed this issue. Is that consistent with previous outages?
Is it usually on Saturdays?


I remember once it lasted from like 10:00 PM to like 3:00-4:00AM (EST)


Yea, I’m finding recently Roblox servers been unstable recently. It’s getting really annoying. I wonder what’s the reason? :thinking:



Roblox is aware


Issue isn’t fixed though, so you should take that solution back


I can’t even see my group games it just won’t load.

Took me 7 tries just to view Group Admin

Will also note that everyone in my game is spawning as a noob instead of their normal avatars


This is from trying to go to a game’s page.


I get that every time I try to Configure Start Place


Getting this when visiting group or game pages
Also studio:


It’d be nice if we got what was spent in ads back for the period of time they were having issues, to at least help compensate.


The play button is gone on my game


Appears to be some games.

Although other games just won’t load


I get this when trying to join a VIP server I’ve just made - but when I press Retry it sends me to a normal server fine.