[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Site is generally broken [ENGINE, STUDIO and WEB]



I am also getting this issue. Lots of bad requests.




Definitely agree on this. Have lost money during ads multiple times. It definitely needs to be a feature that if the site goes down we get refunded for what we spend on advertisements.


This is getting out of hand. Developers are losing lots of their revenue because of this. I hope Roblox fixes this ASAP!


Just for the time that the site was having issues, for example spent 30k on ads, down three hours, ~4K reimbursement. But yeah it’s definitely reasonable.


Im fine with that, as long as we get some sort of compensation for it.


I can’t access my groups, or my friends. Also my favorite games



It’s not all bad…


I would suggest showing your opinion there.


why do i have to be left out on this


breaking news: you can no longer play bubble gum simulator because there is no play button!


Oh no! What a shame!

Please @/Roblox you’re our only hope.


Please avoid replying to this thread with unhelpful comments. This is supposed to help Roblox engineers to quickly adress the issue, not posting content that could be in #lounge. This error has already been noticed by Roblox team and will be patched in short time, you do not need to comment this isn’t happening to you. And if you wish to post something, please provide details - don’t be vague and say “this is happening to me as well”. instead you can, for example, post images and describe the actual situation.


The Last Noobs




this is happening to me as well


Just don’t develop for now. Make a local save of your games just in case somehow your progress gets lost


This issue has never been as prevalent as it has been recently. I’m curious as to whether or not Roblox is being DDoSed every weekend by a flood of bot accounts. It could explain why @WingItMan has above 200 friends, and most of them being bot accounts. Hope Roblox gets this issue fixed before games begin to get 404’ed.

I do feel like they need to upgrade their servers if this is occurring every single weekend, or every other weekend.


Us developers shouldn’t be forced to not develop.