Roblox's engine handles high mouse polling rates very poorly, mouse inputs lag behind rendering

To reproduce, set your mouse’s polling rate to >250, the higher the worse the effects, the more demanding the game the worse the effects further.

At high polling rates, mouse inputs seem to bunch up and play out in sequence as the engine fails to keep up with the sheer volume of them per second. Keyboard inputs are also affected by this if a ton of mouse inputs are piled up.

The only workaround is to turn your mouse polling rate to <125, but this should not be the solution.

This issue happens every single time I forget to set my polling rate back down before I open Roblox.
Yes, I use an FPS unlocker. No, it does not change if I close it.

Something important to note, this does happen in other engines, it just takes different forms, and the manifestation on Roblox is especially bad.


This is probably an issue with your mouse driver. I keep my rate at 1000 and, for as long as 2 years since I’ve gotten this mouse with this configuration, I have had no issues:

However, I see the effects you’ve listed. This seems to happen randomly at times but after a few recent Windows Updates many of these report rate lag issues have been fixed for me.

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I used to have this on my previous gaming mouse with configurable DPI, it was a Redragon brand, it was annoying.

I now use a CyberPowerPC mouse (which came with my computer), it has configurable DPI as well, yet it doesn’t experience this lag.

Listing the brand mice here may not be very important.
But from what I have seen, this problem may depend on your mouse or as said earlier, drivers.

This also was a bug for Low end PC, I was using MDTech mouse (Orange gaming) usually this wouldn’t be an issue to me and lasted for 4 months after they released a note, i at first thought it was a mouse but tried for another game like csgo also didn’t have this issue since my mouse doesn’t seem to have polling rate setting. (it does have it’s driver pre-installed but it only has DPI and color)

Switched to another Mouse and for now there’s no issue with my PC currently, it happens in one of my game before but hopefully this gets fixed soon

I just started getting this issue with a g502 after using a g920. My mouse turned off and back on, and I can no longer play Roblox without this issue. I have never had this issue until now (I’ve had the mouse for 3 years now and its always been on 1000 Hz)

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


I’m having issues with it too.

I am also having issues with it today as well.

I am also having this issue. Never had this issue for the past 10 years…

EDIT: Try unplugging and replugging the USB that the mouse is on. Make sure your USB port can handle your polling rate of your mouse. Try a 3.0 port with no hubs if possible.

I thought I was just seeing things but my Logitech G mouse with configurable polling rate makes the whole UI lag behind real bad, and I really can’t stand it anymore.

EDIT: This doesn’t seem to affect Roblox client, it only occurs for me in Roblox Studio.

This is due to Roblox mouse libraries. Use a high polling rate mouse in Minecraft 1.12.2. AntVenom has a good video about this on his channel.