- A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs

Your network has been labelled as a potential security hazard if RoProxy has done so. Malware, phishing attempts, or other malicious behaviour coming from your network could all be to blame for this.

In this situation, you should take precautions to safeguard the security of your network and devices, including doing a virus check, upgrading your security software, and avoiding visiting websites that could be harmful (CloudFlare does checks, but I’m not an expert, and I’m not sure if it is Cloudflare’s fault). For additional help, you may want to think about getting in touch with your network administrator.

While visiting roproxy, I’ve never had this problem, however, those are just some straightforward fixes you might attempt.

If it has to do with CloudFlare, I won’t be too shocked.


No, it’s the inverse. My network doesn’t allow me to use RoProxy, not the other way around. Sorry for the confusion

That’s weird, maybe your Router has blocked it or something? You should definitely go ahead and check that!

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Yeah, that’s what was interesting. I most likely won’t use this anyway since running it on roblox servers just returned an “HTTP 403” error so proxies like this are extremely inconsistent and unreliable for what I’m trying to use them for.

Hi guys! For me roproxy product info gamepass stop working, it’s saying 404 error. Where I can find solution?

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That endpoint was deprecated by Roblox. As an alternative, use

You’re most likely using an endpoint that requires authentication. If you can’t find an alternative endpoint, self-host a proxy and send a cookie along with requests.

use MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo()

just wondering how I would get authenticate a user and then get their friends?

I was using lol

Where could I get the Player gamepasses? Is this the right link? As some of them don’t show up.

Is it just me or has the Avatar API been getting Rate Limited constantly recently? It only seems to have started these past few days…

If you refresh this link a few times, it works fine -

Yet when you refresh this a few times it seems to get Rate Limited -

Although this is weird as when you spam the official Avatar API it works just fine -

I thought this might be an issue with the Proxy so I tried hosting my own so that I am the only one using it and this exact problem still happens just after 3 or 4 refreshes…

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Hi! Sorry to disturb you but do you know the API which gets the player’s gamepasses?

Roblox nerfed the ratelimits on the outfits endpoint recently - most likely in their ongoing effort to improve outfit privacy. The reason you’re not running into such strict ratelimits on is because you’re signed in - try it in incognito and you’ll see similar results. While I could distribute said endpoint over a larger pool of IPs, I suspect the endpoint may be removed altogether (or at least restricted) in the future and encourage migration to AvatarEditorService:GetOutfits() where possible.

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Curious to know if theres a solution to this? I tried Roblox’s new AvatarEditorService and it only really works for local players

Turns out it wasn’t , Anyways I’ve found out this is it.

I’m having one issue though, it currently doesn’t return the price data, which I know I can just get it from MarketplaceService Product info, but it’s extremely slow and I need to load the player’s data fast. @okfalse Is there any possible way could you make it return the price info? It’d be really helpful. Thank you.

Sorry, Roblox is the one that maintains the APIs, nothing I can do. My suggestion would be to use to get asset prices in bulk.

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Thanks for your reply!

Is this the official one for RoProxy? because I’ve tried it, it works but it doesn’t return all the assets (Some of them are missing).

Not the search endpoint - /v1/catalog/items/details takes an array of items and returns sale data.

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This is happening with me too - with the official Roblox API. I can barely send any requests!