Running into any large unanchored object causes your character to be flung

Whenever a player runs into any unanchored object, they get flung. This happens with any massive object.

To reporoduce, follow the steps:

  1. Insert a part, make sure the part is several times more massive than the player (doesn’t have to be larger, the part just needs a lot of mass.)
  2. Make sure that part is not anchored
  3. Playtest the game in Studio OR publish the game and run it on the Roblox client.
  4. Walk into the unanchored object. Your character should behave the same as it does in the video provided.

Video of bug happening:

Roblox studio version:
Version 0.624.0.6240521 (64-bit)

System specifications:
Ryzen 5 7535HS
Nvidia 2050 Notebook edition

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Thank you for the report. I’m looking into this similar issue now: Humanoid players getting flung around . Thank you for the repro instructions, this will help immensely.


Our team has reverted a recent change that we think was causing the issue. Let me know if you are still experiencing the problem. Thanks.

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