Save the Date: RDC 2023

I can’t wait! The second Roblox Developers Conference is known to be bigger and better, said by the community, and I am all here for it!

I can’t wait to see RDC 2023 about roblox developer conference is know going to be good year even better.

Good luck and see you!

Wow, that’s so cool :smiley:. Last year I liked the ceremony, and I am glad that this year it will be repeated again! Unfortunately, I did not receive an invitation either viral or personally to attend this event, but I do not despair, in any case, sooner or later I will put a tick in my list of achievements. And good luck to you guys, who will receive their invitations to this event!

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So excited!!! I genuinely loved my experience at RDC Last year!

I really hope I get to go! I would love to attend RDC in person!

Looking forward to this! It’ll be a great experience.

Can’t wait for September, RDC will be even better this year!

I’m super excited to see what goes on this year! :smiley:

Must be invited to go ? Or we enter as we want ?

Hope to catch an invite this year. I’ve been invited in the past but was unable to attend due to financial reasons.

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So excited. i hope to be invited

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Sadly, there isn’t one in Europe anymore.

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Same there isn’t in my country, so when i would start watching online, i guess nobody from Europe can’t watch :dotted_line_face:

You have to be invited to be able to attend.

When would invites go out? I really want to go in-person! :slight_smile:

Wow! I would love to be invited to attend this year as I was invited in 2021 but could not attend due to the pandemic.