Script editor lag

My script editor is lagging lots after about 70 lines of code and my cpu never gets above 15% but all the cpu cores and threads are being used equally. anyone know how to fix this, it just started happening this morning. no idea what caused it but its unbearable with long scripts

CPU : Ryzen 5 - 3500 u ( 4 core 8 thread ) 3 point something ghz


Have you tried reinstalling roblox studio?

yes ive done that, also tried offline

Is it just your one place or does it happen when you open a new place, etc

yes its all of my places i need more characters to post

this might not happen with just your script. What else do you have in your game?

Have you tried uninstalling / removing all of your plugins?

I believe a bug report has already been made for this and the engineers are working on a fix.

no I’ve not tried that ill try it

ok so i know it takes time but if you had to guess how long do u think before its fixed

There is no ETA, you’ll need to be patient as they are working on it.

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yup but cuz another thread is basicly the same should i delete mine?

No, just set one of the posts that helped you as a solution. It’ll help others in the future.

This thread: Script Editor Freezing Studio in Team Create

This is also been happening with me, just now it started. Creating a new empty script doesnt lag until I have certain amount of lines.