Scripter Needed- Could It Be You?

About Us

Hello! My partner and I have been working on a history themed game recently, called Ancient Battlegrounds. As we have been working, we have stumbled across some tasks that are beyond our capabilities. That is where you come in- to finish the job.

The game thus far:

The Team

@CloudyCommander9 - Builder/Owner
@octavodad - Builder/CoOwner
@ couldbeyou - Scripter

About The Job

The tasks that need to be done are:



The weapons shop, coins purchases, inventory, and gamepass purchases will all be viewed through a main UI that has tabs on top that click into each. The weapons shop will be on it’s own tab as well as the inventory but the robux purchases (coins and gamepasses) may be in one tab together. All weapons and purchases are shown in the inventory tab and can be equiped and dequiped if the game mode permits it to be used.

The weapon shop: List of all purchasable weapons using in-game coins. Click it to view it’s stats and the buy button. Coins should be visible somewhere on the main UI throughout all the tabs.

Team Select UI


This ones pretty self-explanatory. Basic rectangular UI on either side of the screen when round starts and the player picks which team to join. Team balance is included. Weapons and armor of that ancient era should be auto given to each team at the start and the game mode will be defaulted to last team standing wins.

Inventory System


Inventory: Can be similar functioning and looking to the weapons shop but instead of buying you equip. Should store all gamepass as well as shop purchases with restrictions for certain weapons in certain team modes.

Simple Combat System


We’re not looking to have a super complicated combat system but it will be tool equip and swing animation on click and damage on collision with blade. A slight zoom lock should be added as well. The damage and health should be scripted so that they can be adjusted here and there to find balance (this should go with all the weapons as well). The script should be neat and configurable for future updates. Healthbar should be implemented and stamina sprint. A key trigger for lunges would most likely be added just to make things more interesting besides just swinging animations.


2.5k robux. Can go more though if necessary.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: C10udy#5085
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! Good luck!
Please leave your portfolio below.

I have sent you a friend request on discord kingerman88#4735
I will discuss there

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honestly, 2.5k Robux for all those systems seems very low. any great scripter would charge over 10k for all those.


If you want anyone good to do this i would charge 4-7k minimum. Even then you wouldnt really find anyone too good. I recommend something like 10k.


I would Like to apply for this my discord is Infrar#3439

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