Scrum Management for Game Development (Video)

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Part 2: Scrum Demonstration in ClickUp

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Official Documents

Agile Manifesto:
Scrum Guide: Scrum Guide | Scrum Guides


Scrum Alliance:


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Final Word

  • I am available to help you understand better and give you advice on the tools and steps you can take to start applying scrum to your team; check my contacts below!

  • If you are using another Project Management tool besides ClickUp such as Trello, I recommend you have multiple boards to have a “Product Backlog” and a “Sprint Backlog” because you should not mix the two.

  • It takes time for a team to adapt to the change so if you want to make use of this system you have to really understand how to apply it and what it’s trying to do.

  • A Product Owner can also be the Scrum Master such as facilitating the meetings and helping the developers. You should preferably though have someone else taking the time to learn to be the Scrum Master if you are the Product Owner.

  • This is a framework that shows results over time however please be aware that you know your bottlenecks and are responsible for resolving team issues. Please check out the leadership guide for help below.

  • The duration of each Scrum Event is based on the duration of the Sprint. A Sprint Planning session can be 2 hours for a 1 week sprint, 4 hours for a one week sprint, etc.

  • You must respect a time limit at meetings! People have a tendency to not focus and resolve problems and communicate if there is no urgency. Be adamant about sticking to a clock!

  • If you can afford it, I recommend taking an official course, however, they can usually range around $500-1200 depending on what role it is for. Scrum Master is the cheapest, Product Owner costs more.

  • A large portion of teams tend to use Waterfall without realizing or semi-use just Kanban but not efficiently. It’s important to understand the actual methods, philosophy, and strategy involved in project management. You want to avoid your project failing from poor structure.

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Big shoutout to @TechSpectrum for making this post!
I hope a lot of game designers and team members take the opportunity to review this guide, eventually taking stuff from this guide and importing it to their own project.

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