Court Smith - TechSpectrum | Mentor | Project Manager | Game Producer | Event Organizer | Accelerator



Court Smith, 24 (TechSpectrum)
Joined in 2009

  • Web Development
    (Backend Programming, Databases)

  • Business Strategy and Marketing

  • Project Management
    (Agile, Scrum, ClickUp, Trello)

  • Game Development
    (Programming, Art, Level Design)

  • Community Management

  • Team Building


Scrum Alliance: Certified Scrum Product Owner
Scrum Alliance: Certified Scrum Master
Six Sigma Global Institute: Certified Scrum Master


1.5K :eye: 62 :heart:


Project Management with DevOps, Analytics, and Pipelines for Successful Games and Productive Teams 3.6k :eye: 93 :heart:
Explains some helpful thought process to how to think about your team’s assignments so they can easily collaborate and review results.

Becoming a Leader for Project Management and Team Building 3.8k :eye: 90 :heart:
Learn strategies to build strong teams, create a team culture, interesting job posts, and how to be a good lead for your team.

Scrum Management for Game Design 937 :eye: 27 :heart:
Learn how to be a manager in Scrum and transform how we develop games today on Roblox.

Game Design

Planning a Game and Implementing Features 14.0k :eye: 165 :heart:
How to think to go about planning a game from start to finish, drafting the features, weighing your options, and building a product pitch.

Psychology of Feedback Loops and How to Make Them 5.4k :eye: 63 :heart:
Understand the importance of responsive gameplay through visuals, sound design, animations, and discussion on the ethical significance of reward systems and loops.


Guide to Web Development 10.8k :eye: 150+ :heart:
Learn how to do web development and different terminologies.

How to Program a Website 2.4k :eye: 45+ :heart:
A walk through how to setup a website on your own.

Guide to Scripting Bots 78.6k :eye: 219 :heart:
Learn how to make a Roblox Discord bot.



This is a really neat portfolio! You have a lot of experience under your belt. :shock:
You are really useful to developers, as there aren’t a lot of people like you in Roblox. :+1:


Thank you, I actually made this so I could apply for Host Your Own Virtual / In-Person Meetups & Developer Events


I’m hoping to run some workshops to teach management.


Nice looking portfolio! As a Roblox intern, I imagine you’ve led / developed some really notable projects! If so, what are they?

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Our team at Cloud Entertainment was accepted into the Roblox Accelerator program, we’re officially titled “Incubator” and our project is to expand on our LiveOps tools. We saw the program as an opportunity to grow our skills but also showcase useful development tools the platform could leverage.

The game we’re working on at the moment is Fishing Simulator.

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Aren’t you a developer of Clan Lab?
You answered my questions with patience and helped me out with many problems I encountered!
Hope you do a great job with this consultant program!

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Yes, I own Clan Labs. :smiley:

Glad I could help.

Updated with my consulting rate for hiring, and made it more pretty.

As someone who’s looking to run a company relatively soon, I’d definitely be inteterested in these! :slight_smile:

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I have a few guides posted above on management you can read which are super helpful. Feel free to message me any time for clarifications you may need or questions you may have.

Also good job on Perspective Reality, that was a unique game.

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Thank you! My partner and I had fun making it. :smile:


I hired Court to help get my game The Big Apple organized. I made some really bad hiring decisions and needed a solid plan how to get the game back on track. He cuts right to the chase and tells you what you need to do in incremental steps. He is very knowledgable about game development and has the right connections within the community to also help assist you with your game. My only regret is not hiring him sooner, would have saved me a lot of money and stress.

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Woah you cut all ties with the scammer AND compensated the client? That’s really cool of you dude. Amazing job.

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A little bit over a month ago I decided to hire Court/TechSpectrum as a consultant to see whether I was going in the right direction with my new project.

Court has always been patient with us and gave us very vital information to set up a crucial workspace for a quick & smooth development. He helped me review my game idea and helped me make it into a productive gameplay loop. As I wasn’t able to post in the Devforum during the early stages of the project, he posted an job recruitment post for me and helped me filter potential hires. He went as far to interviewing them and then passing me on his thoughts on them. As said by another happy customer above, Court will always give you the truth, whether it’s pleasant to you or not. A bad hire? He will tell you. Bad decisions that you’re adamant of getting implemented? He will let you know. Growing your game or having problems with monetization? TechSpectrum has you covered.

For me, a quite new developer that’s looking to pave a future into Roblox, this was a perfect hire. In short, if you’re a project owner with a medium-sized budget for a game, Court will try his best to make sure your game will find its glory.


Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know I am now a Roblox Event Organizer and will be eventually putting up a channel with all the streams I do!

My events will primarily be workshops and discussions on management.


Love this guy, helps me out a lot with my managment skills.


Had a few issues with optimization in my game and he reached out, sat down with me to not only help fix my errors but also explain how he was doing it!
Taught me a lot of things!
Highly Recommend!

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We joined the same year, that’s cool. Your portfolio is really neat also!

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