Seams in my texture/Low quality textures


I was wondering, how do you get sharper textures on your meshes?

I am currently trying to achieve this aesthetic in my models. (Made in Blockbench) This is good however, no matter how much I upscale my UV map I doesn’t seem clear up the seams.

If you look at this game Stasis, they have seamless and sharp texturing,


The likely cause is that you’re texture doesn’t give enough leeway to the UV borders, leading to parts of the textures that aren’t meant to be visible bleeding into the visible parts when the texture is downscaled (either when it is uploaded, where all image/texture assets are downscaled to a maximum resolution of 1024x1024, or when you get further from the object, due to Mipmapping).

The solution is to bleed your texture over the borders by a little:

(I hope my diagram makes sense…)

I found a built-in tool that achieves this in Blender:


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