Selection Problem with Studio

Hey Everyone! Beast here.
Kinda annoyed at the moment, because Studio was working yesterday, and even 2 hours ago.

I’ve been developing a game for about, eh, 8-9 months now, and everything has been fine. No bugs, no problems. Today that all changed. I wanted to edit something in the obby i made, so i deleted the piece and copied the script to Discord. I tried getting a new piece in, and it turns out now i cant select that piece. Not just that, now my studio doesnt let a zoom in via the middle mouse button.

Same thing in game. When i go into the game on the website, i cant rotate my character. I have to use shift lock. Also cant zoom in via the middle mouse button.

I told my fellow devs of the game about this, and they joined me for a test session. They found the same problem.

I’ve completely scanned our game, making sure that in the unlikely chance that it was a script, but nothing showed up.

It is really getting on my nerves. It’s been about 4 hours since this started and none of us can do anything in Studio.

If you know anything about what’s happening, please help before i smash something.

Also to note that the cursor in studio is now the roblox cursor, idk why.

Thanks for reading! :smile:

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just click the select button at the home page (at the top of your screen) and it should let you select objects again. If that doesn’t work, you can delete the Camera inside of workspace and it should fix it.

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Is this the bug: Studio Breaking for me ? If it is, you aren’t alone as many people are having that issue as well. Also, if it is, please move this to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support as you can receive technical assistance with it.

That’s the one. Is it happening as a one time thing? Bc i noticed all the replies are from a few hours ago.

Also, not sure why, but the cursor in studio is the cursor in Roblox.

Quoting ‘thats the one’, its not. Basically whenever i jump into Studio, the roblox cursor is in there and i cant select anything, or zoom forwards/backwards.

Just trying closing out of studio several times until it’s fixed. This will be temporary.