Seltzer Code of Conduct

Seltzer Code of Conduct

This document was written by the administrative board in association with the moderation division to establish regulations, rules, and information regarding Seltzer's facilities and its groups. While in-game at the Seltzer, you must follow all guidelines here at Seltzer. These rules are be to followed at all times, including staff members. If you are found breaking any of these rules you will be removed from the server. If necessary, staff will be demoted if found breaking these rules. These rules are stated below.

Game Code of Conduct

The rules listed below should be followed at our soda shop at all times. Once caught by a member of our community moderation team, you will be punished accordingly.

[1] Disrespect towards customers, staff, visitors, or any players who join any Seltzer facilities will not be tolerated. Once caught disrespecting an individual, it will result in getting warned by a member of our staff team.
[2] Inappropriate behavior will immediately get you trello banned from Seltzer. This includes bypassing chat filters, wearing bypassed clothing, and anything of that criteria.
[3] When in line at the soda shop, you should not register hop or stand AFK in a line. Failure to abide will result in being respawned. If continued, you will be kicked from the server.
[4] Trolling will not be tolerated at our soda shop. You will be handled accordingly by being warned by a member of our staff team. Should you continue, you will be kicked.
[5] Exploiting is not only against ROBLOX’s terms of service and community guidelines, but is also against our code of conduct. When caught exploiting you will receive an unappealable trello ban.
[6] Spamming is prohibited and shall be classified as sending messages rapidly without a cooldown. A warning will be given to any spammers, then a kick.
[7] Alternate accounts is not allowed if your main account was previously punished. If you are caught on an alternate account breaking our rules, your alternate account and main account will be punished. If an excessive amount of alternate accounts are made, you will be put on our unappealable trello ban list.
[8] Our max amount of items you can order from our baristas are 5 items. If you order more than our limit after being reminded, it will be classified as trolling.
[9] Raiding is strictly prohibited and shall be classified as 3+ individuals wearing similar outfits disrupting the overall operation of Seltzer or traveling as an intrusive group. Doing this will result in all individuals who participate in the raid getting an unappealable trello ban.
[10] Please use common sense. Our community moderators, management, and administration reserve the right to punish any members who cause a disruption to Seltzer’s operations.

Barista Code of Conduct

The rules listed below should be followed by baristas at Seltzer’s facilities. MR+ will have a separate code of conduct that they will follow. Failure to abide by these rules may result in a punishment from a member of our management.

[1] If you are caught hinting to an MR+, you will be warned. If continued, your employment will be terminated and/or suspended. If a Head Barista is hinting, your promotion to Staff Intern will likely be voided.
[2] Grammar should be used at all times. This includes the training center, interview center, and soda shop. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a warning then demotion and/or suspension.
[3] If you are caught giving customers items that they did not ask for, you will immediately be suspended.
[4] You should maintain good behavior around all customers of Seltzer. We ask that you have fun while working, however, you should maintain professional behavior.
[5] Causing drama regarding promotions, suspensions, disruptive customers, or anything of that criteria will result in getting demoted to customer. We ask that you cause no drama and/or stir any drama.

Code of Conduct Conclusion

🏝️ We hope this code of conduct helped you with any questions you may have had regarding Seltzer's rules. If you find any issues regarding the handbook, please contact Seltzer's owner. Any questions or concerns that are not answered in this handbook can be directly answered on our communications server!

Approved & written by,
Seltzer Administrative Board
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