Seltzers Appeal Process

Seltzer Appeals Process

This document was written by the administrative board in association with the moderation division to establish how to appeal a ban from our discord server, an affiliate termination, a permanent ban, and/or an appealable trello ban. Our leadership team reserves the right to reject your appeal if deemed necessary. Please note when submitting an appeal, that your punishment was not against our code of conduct or affiliation rules & expectations.

Appeals Process

Only employment terminations, affiliate terminations, permanent game bans, discord bans, and/or appealable trello bans are deemed worthy of an appeal. If you believe your punishment was not deserved and not against any rules of Seltzer, you may DM any member of our operations department on discord with the following questions that are answered fully;

[1] What punishment did you receive?
[2] Why should your punishment be revoked?
[3] Do you have any issues with any of Seltzer’s members in regards to your punishment?
[4] Do you think the person who punished you targeted you? How so?
[5] What is your roblox username (if trello banned, game banned and/or terminated from employment), discord username (if discord banned), group name (if partnership is terminated)?

If you are unable to obtain an operations department member’s discord username, please request for one on our group wall.

Appeals Process Conclusion

🏝️ We hope this guide helped you with anything regarding any punishments made at Seltzer. If you find any issues regarding the handbook, please contact Seltzer's owner. Any questions or concerns that are not answered in this handbook can be directly answered by a member of our operations department on our communications server!

Approved & written by,
Seltzer Administrative Board
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