Seltzer Public Handbook


Seltzer Public Handbook

This handbook was specifically designed to assist all customers and staff members with the procedures, overall operation, and general information of Seltzer. Most of, if not all, general knowledge can be found in this handbook. This handbook is updated regularly. If you fail to find any answers to any questions you may have, be sure to reach out to any Seltzer Executive.

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General Handbook

This section is for general knowledge; it can be used for all members of Seltzer. Below, the administrative operations board has created informative posts both for customers and staff which consist of general information, rules, and more.

Employee Knowledge

The links provided will help baristas know their way around Seltzer. Below, you may find info about our sessions, general protocol, and everything regarding being a barista. If you have any questions that remain unanswered, be sure to reach out to any member of our management. This section of the handbook is intended for baristas. Management members may find additional help through our private handbook(s).

Handbook Conclusion

🏝️ We hope this handbook helped you with any questions you may have had regarding Seltzer. If you find any issues regarding the handbook, please contact Seltzer's owner. Any questions or concerns that are not answered in this handbook can be directly answered in our communications server!

Approved & written by,
Seltzer Administrative Board