Seperating things in blender and importing them to roblox together

So my question is probably kind of hard to understand.
Me and my friend are working on a game where you should be able to customize your vehicle.
My idea behind it was quite simply, have a car model with correctly named meshs, for example: MainPart, Windows and then just change the color of those meshes.
Problem now is that we tried diffrent things but none worked out.
He made the model in blender without any textures and we cannot import the whole model in roblox because we only would have 1 mesh. Coloring this will result in a all black/green/purple etc car. Windows will have the same color as the body etc.
How could we managed that?
We tried to export the parts that we want to seperate. Lets say, we only exported the body, the thing that should be 1 color. After that we had a body mesh without glass or lights. After that we wanted to export the glass and lights. Problem now was that they didnt scale correctly and it is nearly impossible to scale/move it to the right position.

I really hope you understood what our problem is.
:)) Any help?


By clicking the big button in the game explorer (I think it’s called add asset) you can import multiple blender objects which are already exported into one file. Roblox will automatically separate the objects into multiple meshes.

Exporting from Blender:

  1. Select objects which you want to export.
  2. Press file->export->FBX (I recommend FBX)
  3. Check the selected objects setting
  4. Save the file with a good name.

Importing to Roblox

  1. In game explorer: press add asset (or whatever it’s called)
  2. Choose your file
  3. Set import settings to your preference and if you’re importing multiple objects don’t check the import as a single mesh or whatever
  4. Enjoy

But how do I make these multi blender objects? So that it is 1 file but multiple objects

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Alright, But what If I only got 1 Object? can I still seperate stuff from it?

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I can give you guys the Blender objt.
rumpf_chevi.blend (771.1 KB)

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It will see that it’s just one object

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So the best thing would be to make multiple objects? Lets say, make glasses an object and lights an objects and the body an object? Would roblox import it correctly then?


Yes it should work correctly, hit me up if you can’t fix any problems


That is because you are importing it all together. It is also impossible to have 1 file with multiple objects that can be separated accordingly in studio.

All you need to do is separate each section of the vehicle into a different object, then export each of those objects one by one.


Jeah, we’ll try that :)) Thanks

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Another way would be, when studio prompts you that the meshes are too big and you have the option to resize it smaller, do not select that option. Import them all like this, select them all and scale them all on the same scale.


Thank you! It worked :))
Finally I can continue scripting

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That is not right at all and just downright tedious. There is a better way.

Split up your mesh how you need it split up IN Blender. Save it as whatever you use.

Go into studio, and open your game explorer.

Pictured Here:

Then you will click the import button, which will be what you use to upload your mesh.

You’ll see this pop up: image

Turn off rescale if too large, and apply all.

After uploading your meshes go to the game explorer, and select all the parts of the mesh. Right-click then insert with location.


That’s exactly what I said? Separate them into different objects in blender and export them into different files.

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I think thats what he meant by it being tedious, you don’t have to necessarily export each individual piece one by one, a “relatively” new Roblox update allows you to now upload the entire thing without having to upload one by one and will automatically seperate them for you.

The post about it: Mesh Splitting Enabled for Uploading Multi-Mesh Files


No, that’s not what you said. What I am saying is to save it as one file, and have the mesh split up within blender. It’ll split it up for you.