"Server is full" on a game with 1 player servers

People have been telling me (for a while) that when they try to press play on my game, it tells them they can’t join because the server is too full. It obviously doesn’t make any sense because it’s a game with 1 player servers, and they’re not trying to follow anyone. This doesn’t happen with everyone but it happens to some people apparently.

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I’ve also seen complaints of this on one of my games with single player servers.


I was wanting to make a post about this the other day. Every now and I get a group of people complaining about this.

Can confirm that I get people sometimes complaining about this problem with Stealth because it has a single player menu.

This bug causes a lot of negative feedback.


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I have also received negative feedback from users due to this bug.

This happens when the user is in a party with another player. With the party system, it tries to find a server in the game that can fit both players in, but if the server has less players allowed than the amount of players the party has, it just says the game is full


So what we really need is a better warning e.g. “Your whole party can’t fit into a server”?

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Parties aren’t the only time it happens. I’ve tried to join servers with one player by clicking the join server button in the server list, but it has said that the server is full, even though it is clearly not.

Been getting notified of this as of recently, can confirm reports.

This has existed forever. I’ve just flipped the maxplayers to 2 or 3, and teleport each player that joins to a new place

Affecting me as well. For my singleplayer lobby.