Session Commands

I present, drumroll please…

Session commands.

Control your session with chat commands.

!session start
!session end

No need to kick people, because when you run

!session end

the failed people will automation be kicked with a nice kick message.

All of this is completely customizable, and open sourced!

PS: Make sure to edit some stuff in the session script.


Commander version:



It looked like a lot more words in the editor. XD LOL.

I am going to try this. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: Wait, the model is offsale.

Model is onsale now. sorry bout that. lol.

V2 released! Get it here, or at the model!

Unable to fail/demote higher ranks.
Session announcement messages. (Can be customized in the gui script)
Commander version released.


Couple notes:

  • The discord webhook remote is extremely vulnerable to anyone who wishes to spam your discord channel with whatever content they please.

  • Perhaps instead of doing this: Image, maybe make a table so users can add custom responses, and so you can iterate through instead of copy and pasting wait after every response

  • You iterate through players, and attempt to kick them from a local script (LocalScripts can only kick the client + any exploiter who wants to block the kick can)

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I am going to guess you are the one that raided the webhook.

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Not me, however obviously this does prove that you should probably rewrite a few things
(Why did you even release a version with your own webhook in there?)

sorry to hear that :neutral_face:

When people see good thing they try to destroy it…

Using pcall(function() of course (programmer joke that nobody understand haha :smiley: )

And btw Amazing tool! :+1:

It was an accident. I fixed it as soon as a realized I made it…

XD LOL :rofl: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Fair enough though you still may want to fix the original points I made

Btw I started working re writing your module
To fix security problems and make things on the server and not on the client

totally fine. The module is completely open sourced!

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Should I release my version as open - source? do you think It will help the community?

I will credit you of course… :smiley: @phyouthcenter1

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Yes! Of course!
Open source would also allow people to learn about how it works!

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Yea… you didn’t answer in the last 24h so I already did that :+1: :partying_face:



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I called it Session commands v3