Set Animation Priority function not working

I was setting up animations for a simple FPS system and when I tried to make an idle I realized the animation would load. I was troubleshooting it a bit and I realized I couldn’t set the animation priority of the idle animation in the roblox animator demonstrated here.

I don’t know if this is the reason it wouldn’t work but I thought it was odd.

Animation priority is set thru scripts, not animations themselves even if there is a button for it. Read this article for information regarding replacing default animations.

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Up until now, this definitely was NOT true! There is supposed to be a priority saved with the animation, but this appears to be currently broken! You can see in the video the drop-down box for setting that priority, but there is no checkmark indicating which was selected.


It is not just you. I have 2 animations. One works and one does not.
Both are played by the same script (so not a code issue). The only difference is the one that does not work was published after the most recent studio update. I’ll let you know if I find a solution… my entire game depends on this priority setting.

EDIT: This has been submitted as a bug. Identified 2/3/22

Ironically, setting the priority through scripts has always been the broken one, mainly because of it not replicating. What currently works is setting the priority through the Animation Editor, where it’s automatically saves with the animation data. OP’s problem is that the Animation Editor simply isn’t functioning correctly.

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This is the fix. Using the animationpriority in the editor is the tried and true way of making sure the animationtrack actually uses the right priority. Setting it with scripts is completely unreliable as the animation sometimes switches priorities to what it was set in the editor anyways due to bugs.
Thanks for the help

I recall seeing some staff posts that said that it has been improved? Or maybe the fixes are still in the works.

Or maybe a lot of people are just using LoadAnimation wrong…

Nope, if my animation is set as movement in the editor and action via my scripts, and I change nothing else, the animation is very bugged out and it fights priority with walk and jump commands. If I change the priority as action in the editor, everything works well again.

Tested many times in playtests