Setting up Roblox Development with Rojo, Git, Sublime Text 3, and Luacheck

Hi! This is a tutorial on how to setup Rojo, Git and Sublime Text 3, as well as Luacheck for Roblox development. I was hoping that this tutorial would be useful to people who want to make the jump from working in Roblox Studio and are interested in using some external tools with source control.

This is effectively my setup for Roblox development right now.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Amazing timing, I was just looking for resources on setting up rojo! Great resource.


This is great timing, I was just looking into making the change myself! :grin:

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Wow, there’s finally a proper tutorial for people like me who have difficulties trying to set my own one.

Super grateful!

I was looking for this days ago, thanks for literally saving me from going into a mental breakdown.

Great tutorial, the only thing I personally feel was “incorrect” about the article is you claim Chrome believes that Rojo is unsafe, this is actually not the case, Chrome warns you to not install a file that isn’t commonly downloaded (as in it has been downloaded less than “x” amount of times). If Chrome believed it was dangerous it would not let you install it at all. Do note the reason I say “x” amount of times is due to the fact Chrome doesn’t release specifications on how many times your file needs to be downloaded before this warning is removed.

I mainly wanted to shed light on the fact it isn’t really considered dangerous by Chrome, it’s just a warning they give when the file isn’t downloaded often.

Other than that the article was amazing, such an amazing topic to cover! :+1:


This is a great tutorial!
Also, it seems that the “…file is not commonly downloaded.” notification has finally stopped. :pray:

This is also possible with VSCode (not vs), and there’s also a unofficial rojo addon that handles all the dirty work for you. But this is still really helpful for the other things that are not rojo or sublime related.

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I always struggled to set up rojo properly. Now I can using this amazing guide

Yup! Here’s the link to evaera’s VsCode-Rojo extension

This is a great guide! My only question is how would you handle dependencies, like GameAnalytics or Roact?

I include them using the project file, and then point them to a folder that Nevermore loads!

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This is interesting, I recently learned a bit of Git the other day and to see it on a Roblox studio is even more fascinating, amazing what Roblox studios can do! Thanks for the tutorial! Will definitely be doing this :+1:

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Wow, thanks! I made the jump! I never really understood how to set that up, but you showed me!

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Still can’t figure how to add it to my SublimeText. I’m on the macOS Catalina.

Thank you for this!
Really helpful and it worked just right for me!

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