Should Visitors Be Allowed To Give Likes?

On my latest feature request, I got 17 likes, with 7 from “visitors”. Should we even allow visitors to give likes? I am not saying the free likes are bad, just not sure if we should have people (un?)intentionally making like farms by creating threads in bug reports and feature requests.

  • Yes
  • No

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They can like our posts? I surely hope they can’t flag our posts as well, right?

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This is correct. Check on Microsoft Edge using my alt NarbraWalters. Only have access to likes, bookmarks, and links.

That’s a relief. As of the likes, i don’t mind complete strangers showing love and support to us members, but i don’t know what issues that can cause.

Also recieving likes from people i’m familiar with and look up to feels so much nicer.

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I don’t think it’s too big of an issue, but it’s not fully up to me.

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I can think of two cases where is an issue:

  1. “Like inflation”. I could have 10K likes suddenly, but if everyone else has something like 8K, that doesn’t mean much.
  2. May encourage more posting there over anywhere else for likes (Skinner’s theory is very relevant for this).

These are very minor if best though, especially since likes don’t do anything other than help point to how reputable you are in the community.


I see likes as a good way of measuring how much developer support there is for a certain idea.
I think we’re better than the general public at thinking through the nuances of each idea (e.g. how much development time would Roblox need to create the feature, how could it impact other aspects of Roblox, how much overall value would the feature actually bring to Roblox, etc.) The public tends to support things based on impulse and emotion rather than critically thinking about the idea.

Posts that pander to the public’s emotions (e.g. “bring back tix,” “delete the filter,” “bring back [useless old nostalgic feature here],” stuff along those lines) would receive a disproportionate amount of likes compared to more well thought out ideas that may not evoke the public’s emotions.


View-only permissions makes sense for some categories like bug reports where users can use what they learn there to avoid issues in their game or how to patch exploits, but does that hold true for feature requests? What’s the point in viewing our feature requests but not being able to interact with them? I think feature requests were made public with the intention of visitors being able to give likes, allowing them to interact with our community.

Yes, they can skew poll results / likes, but so long as we keep that in mind when taking polls/likes into consideration, I don’t think that will be a problem. The benefit of allowing likes from visitors is that feedback is more representative of the entire community. Mainly on web-related updates, staff members have mentioned that our developer community’s feedback isn’t necessarily the average user’s view and cherry pick feedback because of that, so with this it may become more clear to them what users want, or more clear to us that the average user’s needs differ from ours.


My thought would be to leave likes Member only, and if we’re looking for public opinion, you could always add a strawpoll to the post.