Visitors shouldn't be able to like posts

Yes I know, I saw TheNexusAvenger’s post, but I’m making this because I saw so many visitors abusing the system for every post they see in a certain topic, mainly in #updates, I have been receiving so many likes from them and so many like notifications from them

Apart from that, Even one Member abused the system too much to the point that it even came to my profile (it came when the member was a visitor)

Even though Visitors are able to post at International Categories, It would make sense if they are able to like posts there, though I don’t like that visitors are able to post there because they can make troll topics, etc. I did parcitipate in JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX’s post because of my point of view, but ItsKoiske, an Polish Community Ambassador, disagreed with the idea

It would’ve been better if Liking is restricted to Members or higher (unless it’s in a international category)


I disagree with the word ‘abusing’ in this context. I don’t think anyone can ‘abuse’ the like button necessarily. People click like on what they ‘like’, right? If replies by visitors are intentional, I don’t see how likes are that different.

I’d also like to note that you can change how you are notified about likes:


I guess a feature request could be to make an option to only be notified for those who are ‘member’ and above, but that partially defeats the purpose of liking a post imo.

This is a non-issue in my mind. Although, this isn’t a change I’d fight back against either.


yes they should



I don’t think anyone would “Abuse” the like button like someone said before

Also this isn’t the original Forums (Public forums that were shutdown) , The mods take down anything that’s off topic/ troll posts. But I see your concern about the issue it’s just that the likely hood of that happing (on a large scale) is low.


Nah bruh respect the visitors, we like visitors, they’re the best.


Although visitors could abuse the like system, it is more beneficial for visitors to engage in and like posts as they are still members of the community.

Why? The purpose of others liking posts are because they find it interesting, genuinely like it, or just agree with what the person said.


(CC. @lV0rd )

do you want to recieve mass likes??? I don’t want 2000 likes, with 60% being visitors

I have a post with 10 likes, with 8 being from visitors

but My most liked post has 41 likes, which are mainly from members

and what they usually do is go to a random topic, like the topic and every reply they see, however, if you replied multiple times, it could be bad, notification spam, I turned on notifications because I want to know who liked my post


I like me some likes dawg, I’m grinding for the badges


the devforums isn’t a badge collecting system, in-fact, farming likes is a bad idea, the devforums isn’t social media, it’s a place mainly for QnA’s and development


i understand what you’re saying but getting likes gives me dopamine so i’m all for it


It’s not really abusing, but liking should (in my opinion) be reserved for being helpful, or agreeing, etc. The visitors that just mass like every single reply in a topic isn’t beneficial in any way, it’s just annoying. If visitors can be limited to 2 likes per thread, maybe that’ll be better? If they get annoyed they should just become a member and actually contribute to the forum


But even so the majority of them I don’t think would “Abuse” the like system. Restrictions on Visitors could turn them away at any given point.


No, restrictions would make them want to become a member:


why you disagree with liking restricted to members??? I literally stated that they will still have the ability in international categories cuz visitors are able to post there so it makes sense, I do agree with @mapleflavouredk9 at this point

also I spotted one imposter among us…

also the most common categories I experience it are: #development-discussion, #updates:announcements, and #resources:community-resources, if you think they wouldn’t abuse the like system, YOU’RE WRONG, they do like the topic and every reply on the topic, I received mass notifications and 2.1K likes received, also Members use alts to log onto the forum and abuse the like system to boost their likes, which is against the forum rules and could get your main a strike

I even got one like abuser which is a visitor in this topic, If people disagrees with visitors being unable to like posts, liking the topic and every reply would give them a strike (it depends on how many topics you did it, the more topics they affect, the more powerful the strike is)


Then get off the devforum. You outright don’t belong here if this is your mentality since you’re clearly not here to contribute anything worthwhile.


It’s not that deep. No one cares about “likes” on the devforum, and no one is going to care what percent of those are visitors. I guarantee you no one has ever looked at your like count. There are a million other things you should care about than your likes on the devforum.


for real why do people care about likes. i guarantee you everyone in this thread has never had their likes looked at by another person


“Could” I wanna emphasize that it’s not guaranteed to happen.


People who care about likes on Dev Forum (those who go out of their way to make mega threads to get likes) should just be kicked from the program. Like cool dude you got 1k likes what makes you better then anyone else on the Forum?


To add on to this, all 9 likes are visitors (and the same people which is around 8 people liked a ton of posts there too):