Simple Asset - The simple solution to streamlining your asset management!

Introducing Simple Asset!

With Simple Asset, you can easily create and manage Asset Families, allowing you to edit multiple assets in bulk with built-in Roblox action menus. Say goodbye to tedious manual editing and hello to efficient and effective asset management!

This plugin is a new & simpler version of an older plugin of mine. Check it out if you’re interested!

The Problem

Ever placed a thousand trees in a forest but afterward realized the color of the bark is wrong or that the leaves aren’t anchored? Or perhaps you have a bunch of placeholder assets scattered around your levels that you would finally like to update? Many of us have been in situations like these, and often I wish I had an easier way to handle such a tedious process. So I took it upon myself to build myself a quick & easy tool to handle the job for me!

The Solution: Simple Asset

Simple Asset’s purpose is to allow the user to create “Asset Families” which are groups of assets identifiable by their Asset Ids. Items of the same Asset Family can be modified seamlessly without the need of painstakingly select and change everything by hand.


As the name implies, the plugin’s usage is to be as simple as possible while not lowering its capabilities. Every action happens through the Asset Menu that opens with a shortcut set by the user at File > Advanced > Customize Shortucts.

The menu opens with a selection of actions. Let’s go over them!


  • Add - Adds objects to a new or existing asset family based on the first selection. By clicking add, the plugin gives the selected items an Asset Id as an attribute. If the first selection already contains one, the rest gets that same Id. Otherwise, all the selected objects get a new unique Asset Id.

  • Select All - Selects all assets that belong to the same Asset Family as the first selection.

  • Update - Allows the user to update all selected assets of the same Asset Family. The user can choose to update whichever element they need. All updates stem from the first selection.

  • Remove - Removes selected assets from their Asset Families.

Currently supported instance types: BasePart, Model (More to be added)



I use this plugin daily which is why I want it to be as good as it can be. So any feedback, ideas, concepts, and such are most welcome!

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I’m not too sure, but isn’t this just Roblox Packages?


this does resemble packages a lot, but I think it gives you a bit more options. but yeah, it does seem a lot like packages.

I haven’t used packages a lot but from what I can see it seems that packagaes work on a much larger scale than this plugin. Being able to update singular assets across games is really nice but that’s not the purpose of this plugin. The main difference is that it allows you to have a much more streamlined way of updating assets on the fly without the needing to set up packages. It’s also that at times I don’t want to update every single element of an asset. Say I have a forest with the same tree but they vary in scale. I would want to be able to update their appearance without making any changes to their scale.

Hopefully that cleared things!